Sunday, September 07, 2008

Week Two: No Ducks on TV in Medford

The Oregon Sports Network (OSN) broadcast on TV Oregon's game yesterday in Eugene between the Oregon Ducks and Utah State University but folks in Medford and most of Southern Oregon were unable to watch the game on TV or watch the coaches show today (Sunday) because of the hard ball negotiations between Comcast and Charter cable TV that I have detailed before on this blog. I was at the game so I was able to see it but most Duck fans in Southern Oregon were not. While watching the game I like to listen to Jerry Allen and Mike Jorgensen broadcast the game on the radio. Jerry is the radio voice of the Ducks and both are very nice people. Mike lived in Southern Oregon for a while and Jerry grew up in Grants Pass and worked on the radio in Medford before he moved to Eugene. Jerry durring the game said his folks who still live in Grants Pass were watching the game on the Internet ( The O-Zone).He didn't say it but of course the reason they had to watch it on this subscription Intranet service is because the game was not on cable or broadcast in Grants Pass because like Medford they have Charter Cable.