Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman RIP

"Never Give an inch that was the motto of the Stamper Family of Oregon.... and live it they did"

My favorite Paul Newman movie was "Sometime a Great Notion" (1971) based upon a Ken Kesey novel. Paul Newman stared and directed the movie. Paul Newman and Henry Fonda are the father and grandfather of a non union family of "gyppo loggers on the Oregon Coast near Newport.In spite of a strike they keep on logging and will not be intimidated by the unions and their bully boys. In the process of the dangerous work of logging, Henry Fonda dies, and Paul Newman has one of his arms frozen. At the end of the movie, Newman is floating the logs down the river to the mill with all the union goons watching from the riverside. Newman takes the arm out and straps it to the top of the tug boat, he is using to guide the log's to the mill. The middle finger is sticking out. He has lost his wife, his brother and father and he is taking his logs to market. Never give an inch! I wish it was on DVD!

That's how I remember Paul Newman. RIP