Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Smear Campaign!

The Democrats must be very afraid of her! There will be a backlash that will make Katrina look tame! They want war they will get war! This is a full blown attack on middle America by the media elites. They hate conservative women from middle America with "big hair",with big families from small towns, who marry their high school sweetheart, who are pro life and members of the NRA ....Sarah Palin is the Democrats worst nightmare.Get ready to rumble....

One example of the smear is Obama supporter Us Weekly Magazine publisher Jann Wenner using his magazine to smear Governor Sarah Palin from grocery store check out counters across the country.

Peggy Noon always says it best:

"Because she jumbles up so many cultural categories, because she is a feminist not in the Yale Gender Studies sense but the How Do I Reload This Thang way, because she is a woman who in style, history, moxie and femininity is exactly like a normal American feminist and not an Abstract Theory feminist; because she wears makeup and heels and eats mooseburgers and is Alaska Tough, as Time magazine put it; because she is conservative, and pro-2nd Amendment and pro-life; and because conservatives can smell this sort of thing -- who is really one of them and who is not -- and will fight to the death for one of their beleaguered own; because of all of this she is a real and present danger to the American left, and to the Obama candidacy."

A "fight to the death for one of their beleaguered own"! You got that right Peggy!