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General Motors is now a Democrat car company! (GM= "Governent Motors") I wonder if President Obama would fire the head of the UAW (United Auto Workers Union)? I don't think so. Who next? Power corrupts! I wonder where I will buy my next car? We are on "The Road to Serfdom."

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Turn Your Lights ON!

Turn all your house lights on tonight between 8:30PM and 9:30PM. Show your liberal friends you care! I sure wish I still had my 30 + strings of Christmas lights still up!

Cherry Blossom Festival Time in Washington DC

It's cherry blossom time in Washington D.C. Our family has a special affinity for this time of year in Washington DC because a member of our family was a Cherry Blossom Princess, representing Oregon, a few years ago and we all attended some of the festivities.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual celebration in Washington, D.C., from March 31st through April 15th, commemorating the March 27, 1912, gift to the city of Japanese cherry trees from Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo. Mayor Ozaki donated the trees in an effort to enhance the growing friendship between the United States and Japan and also celebrate the continued close relationship between the two peoples.

In a simple ceremony on March 27, 1912, First Lady Helen Herron Taft and Viscountess Chinda, wife of the Japanese ambassador, planted the first two of these trees on the north bank of the Tidal Basin in West Potomac Park. By 1915 the United States government had responded with a gift of flowering dogwood trees to the people of Japan. In 1927, a group of American school children reenacted the initial planting; the first festival was held in 1935, sponsored by civic groups in the nation's capital.

Three thousand, eight hundred more trees were accepted in 1965 by First Lady Lady Bird Johnson. In 1981 the cycle of giving came full circle. Japanese horticulturalists came to take cuttings from our trees to replace Yoshino cherry trees in Japan which had been destroyed in a flood. With this return gift, the trees again fulfilled their roles as a symbol and agent of friendship. The most recent event in this cycle occurred in the fall of 1999. It involved the formal planting in the Tidal Basin of a new generation of cuttings from a famous Japanese cherry tree in Gifu province reputed to be over 1500 years old.

In 1994 the Festival was expanded to two weeks to accommodate the many activities that happen during the trees blooming. Today the National Cherry Blossom Festival is coordinated by the National Cherry Blossom Festival, Inc., an umbrella organization consisting of representatives of business, civic and governmental organizations. More than 700,000 people visit Washington each year to admire the blossoming cherry trees that herald the beginning of spring in the nation's capital.

The famous trees signal the coming of spring with an explosion of life and color surrounding the Tidal Basin portion of the West Potomac Park in a sea of pale pink and white. The two-week festival is kicked off with an opening ceremony, followed by a dizzying array of activities and cultural events. Every day there is a sushi/sake celebration, classes about cherry blossoms, and a bike tour of the Tidal Basin. Art exhibits figure heavily during this time, such as photography (both local and Asian), sculpture, animation, and various cultural performances throughout Washington, D.C. Rakugo, kimono fashion shows, art exhibits, dance, singing, martial arts, merchant-sponsored events, and much more can be seen during this time.

The Cherry Blossom Princess Program is sponsored by the National Conference of State Societies on behalf of individual member state societies. Every year since 1948, state societies have selected students as princesses to represent their states in the festival.

Princesses perform a variety of public relations and diplomatic duties during the week which are an integral part of the overall educational and goodwill mission of the festival. The Cherry Blossom Queen, who is selected by a random spin of a wheel of fortune, and the first runner-up may be asked to represent the National Conference of State Societies at other events during their year-long reign. Every year since 1973, the queen has been invited to visit Japan by the Japan Cherry Blossom Association.
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The 10 Greatest Games in Oregon Football History

You know which one is #1; but, read about the rest by clicking on the title for a link. I was present at every one of the home games or saw the away games on TV. Memories of these games will brighten up any day.

Oregon's new WOMAN"S Basketball coach

While we wait for a news on Ernie Kent's future here is info on the University of Oregon's new Woman's basketball coach. Here is the press release from the Athletic Department.

EUGENE, Ore. - University of Oregon Athletic Director Pat Kilkenny ushered in a new era of Oregon women’s basketball with the announcement of Paul Westhead as the program’s newest head coach.

Known for executing an exciting brand of run-and-gun basketball, Westhead recently coached the Phoenix Mercury to a WNBA championship in 2007. His latest hardware made him the only head coach to win a championship in both the NBA and WNBA.

A veteran basketball coach with a resume that spans nearly four decades, Westhead has coached in the NBA and WNBA, as well as the men’s collegiate ranks. This will be Westhead’s first head coaching job with a NCAA women’s basketball program.

“In searching for a new coach, we had several goals in mind,” Kilkenny said. “First, we wanted the coach to fit the Oregon culture of being exciting, innovative and entertaining. I can’t think of anyone better than coach Westhead to do just that. Over the years, Paul Westhead coached teams are the epitome of exciting and entertaining basketball. He clearly has a reputation as one of the top teachers of the game on both the men’s and women’s side.

“Secondly, we wanted to find a coach that would broaden the appeal of women’s basketball in general, and help transform the way the game is played on the west coast. Currently we have a wonderful, dedicated group of fans who support our women’s basketball program, and with their help opening the doors to all Duck fans, our home court will be one of the toughest places to play in the country.”

The sixth head coach in the history of the Oregon women’s basketball program, Westhead comes to the UO after serving as an assistant coach for the Oklahoma City Thunder for one year (2007-08). He headed to Oklahoma City less than two months after winning the WNBA championship in 2007.

An innovative coach with a signature up-tempo style, Westhead translated that approach to the women’s game when he was hired by the Mercury on Oct. 11, 2005. It took him less than two seasons to build a championship-caliber squad, as he guided Phoenix to its first WNBA championship in 2007.

During two seasons, Westhead led the Mercury to a 41-27 (.603) record, the highest winning percentage in franchise history, as well as a franchise-record 23 victories in 2007. His up-tempo style also set WNBA records for scoring average for two consecutive seasons.

Prior to his time in the WNBA with the Phoenix Mercury, Westhead spent two years (2003-05) as an assistant coach with the NBA’s Orlando Magic.

The 70-year-old last coached in the NCAA from 1993-97 at George Mason University. Prior to that stint, Westhead spent two seasons (1990-91 & 1991-92) as the head coach of the Denver Nuggets after his historic stint with the Loyola Marymount men’s basketball program.

Westhead spent five years (1985-90) at LMU, helping the Lions to become an impressive program and legitimate contender in NCAA men’s hoops. During his tenure with the Lions, Westhead built a 105-48 (.603) record, leading the Lions to three consecutive NCAA tournament appearances and a run to the Elite Eight in 1990.

Westhead’s other coaching stints included the head job with the Chicago Bulls during the 1982-83 season and the Los Angeles Lakers. Westhead’s NBA head coaching career began in Los Angeles with the Lakers organization, lasting nearly three years (1979-82). In 1979, Westhead succeeded Jack McKinney, leading the Lakers to the 1980 NBA championship with rookie guard Magic Johnson and NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabaar on the roster.

The collegiate ranks was where Westhead began his head coaching career at LaSalle University in 1970. In nine seasons (1970-79) with the Explorers, Westhead led the team to one NIT, two NCAA Tournament performances and a 142-105 record.

In a combined 18 seasons at the college level at LaSalle, Loyola Marymount and George Mason, Westhead comprised a 285-223 (.561) record.

Known for his high-scoring offensive techniques, Westhead has also spent time with the USA basketball programs, and in 2005 was a guest clinician at the USA women’s youth development festival teams in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Westhead has also been a head coach in the ABA (2000-01) and the Japanese Pro League (2001-03).

A native of Philadelphia, Pa., Westhead graduated from St. Joseph’s (PA) in 1961. He and his wife, Cassie, have four children: Monica, Patrice, Paul Jr., and Julie.

BTW Westhead is 70 years of age. A bold move by AD Pat Kilkenny !

Ernie Kent in Limbo

Bob Clark of the Eugene Register Guard has a news story in Friday's paper on the lack of info on Ernie Kent's status as coach of the University of Oregon men's basketball team. Will he be fired or will he stay? Some quotes from the article:

What’s taking Oregon so long to decide the fate of men’s basketball coach Ernie Kent?

“We need to do something in the next week, I’d hope,” UO director of athletics Pat Kilkenny said Thursday. “We’re still kind of gathering some information.”

While Kilkenny and Kent have both been in their offices at the Casanova Center this week, Kilkenny said they haven’t had the extended meeting that is planned before a final decision is made.********

The obvious question for him is whether he feels there should be more of a sense of urgency to reaching a conclusion on his status? As this process drags out, now more than two weeks past the end of the season, it’s leading to increased and widespread speculation about what’s going to happen. Can that be good for the coach, or the university?

To read more click on the title for a link.

It doesn't sound good for Ernie. Stay tuned

Shock: I agree with President Obama on Afghanistan

This morning as I was getting up I watched on TV Presidents Obama's speech on Afghanistan and the war on terror and I support him his efforts. The following is a White House statement quoting heavily from that speech.

Good morning," began the President today. "Today, I am announcing a comprehensive, new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan. And this marks the conclusion of a careful policy review, led by Bruce [Reidel], that I ordered as soon as I took office."

The President stressed the perilous position we find ourselves in there, and the threat that would arise should safe havens on Pakistan go unchallenged or should the government in Afghanistan fall to the Taliban again. He also noted that 2008 was the deadliest year to date in that war.

The President put forth the central question:

Many people in the United States -- and many in partner countries that have sacrificed so much -- have a simple question: What is our purpose in Afghanistan? After so many years, they ask, why do our men and women still fight and die there? And they deserve a straightforward answer.

And gave his answer:

So I want the American people to understand that we have a clear and focused goal: to disrupt, dismantle and defeat al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and to prevent their return to either country in the future. That's the goal that must be achieved. That is a cause that could not be more just.

He described the need for a comprehensive strategy in the two countries, including a "standing, trilateral dialogue among the United States, Afghanistan and Pakistan." The President expressed his profound respect for the Pakistani people and their history, and pledged that the United States would so all it could to help Pakistan fight against the terrorists who have so often attempted to destabilize the country, including with the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

So too did he express his admiration for the people of Afghanistan, before going on to describe the shift coming on the ground there as well:

Our troops have fought bravely against a ruthless enemy. Our civilians have made great sacrifices. Our allies have borne a heavy burden. Afghans have suffered and sacrificed for their future. But for six years, Afghanistan has been denied the resources that it demands because of the war in Iraq. Now, we must make a commitment that can accomplish our goals.

I've already ordered the deployment of 17,000 troops that had been requested by General McKiernan for many months. These soldiers and Marines will take the fight to the Taliban in the south and the east, and give us a greater capacity to partner with Afghan security forces and to go after insurgents along the border. This push will also help provide security in advance of the important presidential elections in Afghanistan in August.

At the same time, we will shift the emphasis of our mission to training and increasing the size of Afghan security forces, so that they can eventually take the lead in securing their country. That's how we will prepare Afghans to take responsibility for their security, and how we will ultimately be able to bring our own troops home.

For three years, our commanders have been clear about the resources they need for training. And those resources have been denied because of the war in Iraq. Now, that will change. The additional troops that we deployed have already increased our training capacity. And later this spring we will deploy approximately 4,000 U.S. troops to train Afghan security forces. For the first time, this will truly resource our effort to train and support the Afghan army and police. Every American unit in Afghanistan will be partnered with an Afghan unit, and we will seek additional trainers from our NATO allies to ensure that every Afghan unit has a coalition partner. We will accelerate our efforts to build an Afghan army of 134,000 and a police force of 82,000 so that we can meet these goals by 2011 -- and increases in Afghan forces may very well be needed as our plans to turn over security responsibility to the Afghans go forward.

This push must be joined by a dramatic increase in our civilian effort. Afghanistan has an elected government, but it is undermined by corruption and has difficulty delivering basic services to its people. The economy is undercut by a booming narcotics trade that encourages criminality and funds the insurgency. The people of Afghanistan seek the promise of a better future. Yet once again, we've seen the hope of a new day darkened by violence and uncertainty.

So to advance security, opportunity and justice -- not just in Kabul, but from the bottom up in the provinces -- we need agricultural specialists and educators, engineers and lawyers. That's how we can help the Afghan government serve its people and develop an economy that isn't dominated by illicit drugs. And that's why I'm ordering a substantial increase in our civilians on the ground. That's also why we must seek civilian support from our partners and allies, from the United Nations and international aid organizations -- an effort that Secretary Clinton will carry forward next week in The Hague.

At a time of economic crisis, it's tempting to believe that we can shortchange this civilian effort. But make no mistake: Our efforts will fail in Afghanistan and Pakistan if we don't invest in their future.

The President described a new regime of accountability in the execution of this war, beginning with contractors, and stretching to demanding clearly understood goals:

There is an uncompromising core of the Taliban. They must be met with force, and they must be defeated. But there are also those who've taken up arms because of coercion, or simply for a price. These Afghans must have the option to choose a different course. And that's why we will work with local leaders, the Afghan government, and international partners to have a reconciliation process in every province. As their ranks dwindle, an enemy that has nothing to offer the Afghan people but terror and repression must be further isolated. And we will continue to support the basic human rights of all Afghans -- including women and girls.

Going forward, we will not blindly stay the course. Instead, we will set clear metrics to measure progress and hold ourselves accountable. We’ll consistently assess our efforts to train Afghan security forces and our progress in combating insurgents. We will measure the growth of Afghanistan’s economy, and its illicit narcotics production. And we will review whether we are using the right tools and tactics to make progress towards accomplishing our goals.

I just hope he has the fortitude to follow through on his strategy. The road will be long and hard.

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The Three "J's" of Folk Music:Joan, Judy and Joni

***********After having overdosed on Bob Dylan (see posts below) I have moved on to the "three J's" of 1960's folk music, Joan Baez,Judy Collins, and Joni Mitchell. To my conservative friends, don't worry I have not become a liberal! I have always been able to separate my political views from music I love. I have always been a Judy Collins fan and have seen her twice live at the Britt Music Festival in Jacksonville, Oregon. I have also liked Joni Mitchell. However, with my study of Bob Dylan, I have taken an interest in Joan Baez who was his girl friend for a while. I have also come to the conclusion that she has the best voice of the three. Joni Mitchell is probably the best song writer and Judy Collins comes in a strong second to Baez in the voice department.

For a long time I was in cartoonist Al Cap's, camp who in the 1960's made fun of Baez and named her "Jonie phony". While I certainly do not agree with her politically I at least respect her views since she uses the same standard to judge left wing despots. She was one of the few liberals to condemn the Communist in Vietnam and the Soviets in Czechoslovakia.

Some pointers on their best albums.


Joan Baez (1960) is her first album and is made up of non protest English folk music that has been sung for hundreds of years. True pure folk music.

The First 10 Years (1970)is a good compilation of her first 12 albums for Vanguard records from 1960 to 1970.

Diamonds & Rust (1975) is recognized as one of her best albums with a lot of her own songs. The title song may be about her relationship with Bob Dylan.

Ring them Bells (2007) is a good live concert album with duets with Janis Ian,Dar Williams and others.The last song is "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" sung A capella and is beautiful.

Today, I also found her version of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" one of my favorite songs and it is the best version I have ever heard. I downloaded it from for $.99 since I could only find it on one of her albums.


Judy Collins' Fifth Album (1965) is her last pure folk song album.

Forever: An Anthology,(1997)and The Very Best of Judy Collins (2001) are compilation albums that capture most of her hits. She also has a three CD set called "Greatest Hits" I am going to check it out this weekend."Send in the Clowns," Amazing Grace," "Someday Soon"and "Both Sides Now" are some of my favorite songs.


Court and Spark (1974) is her best studio album with such classics as "Free Man in Paris" and "Help Me." I bought this "record" in 1974 and still have it.

Hits (1996) is a compilation that gives most of her ......

Dreamland (2004) is also a compilation with some songs sung with an orchestra with her older deeper voice brought on by years of smoking..... It's different but very good. It has some favorites such as "You Turn Me on I'm A Radio,""Carey,""Big Yellow Taxi," "Both Sides Now" with an Orchestra and "The Circle Game." A fine album like aged wine.

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Dow Jones: Up almost 500 points Today

Did we hit bottom a couple of weeks ago and are now on the way up or is this just a temporary rally? The way we are spending money we don't have, printing more, and borrowing from the Chinese we will soon have double digit inflation. Hello Jimmy Carter!Been to a Home Depot lately and tried to buy something "Made in America"? So let's not get too excited.Still,going up is better than going down.Good news for today.


The unemployment rate in Jackson County Oregon was 12.8 for February 2009 or double that from a year age when it was 6.1%

The clock is ticking on Ernie Kent..... tick ....tick....tick

While the press and Duck fans debate the merits of firing or keeping University of Oregon Men's Basketball Coach Ernie Kent, Oregon's outgoing Athletic Director Pat Kilkenny will be the one making the tough decision on Ernie's future. We should hear this week ! I have posted my opinion in an earlier post below ("Time for Ernie Kent to go"). Tick....tick.....tick....

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Bob Dylan's London Trip Drawing

Sony Music Entertainment through, as a promotion for Bob Dylan's new album,"Together Through Life," is offering a chance to win a trip for two to see Bob Dylan sing at the Roadhouse in London on April 26. The winner and a guest will receive two round trip airline tickets, three nights' hotel accommodation, and two tickets to see the show. I entered the drawing today and asked my wife if she would go with me to the concert if I won. She dislikes Bob Dylan and even a trip back to London could not tempt her to go to a live Dylan concert. So I told her if I won I would take our son if he wanted to go. I would give him first choice as he has never been to England. If he didn't want to go then I would give the second choice to his sister who has been to England. However, she has been to a live Dylan concert and left before it was over.Of course, if I won, and I do feel lucky, there would be two requirements. First, whoever accompanied me on the trip would have to agree for the rest of my life to never complain if I play Dylan music in their presence. Second, they would have to agree to keep my Dylan collection together after I am gone. (tongue firmly in cheek...... unless I win!))

"Is this the end of America?"

How others view us. View of a columnist for the Canadian National Post a conservative newspaper in Canada.

By Terence Corcoran

Helicopter Ben Bernanke’s Federal Reserve is dropping trillions of fresh paper dollars on the world economy, the President of the United States is cracking jokes on late night comedy shows, his energy minister is threatening a trade war over carbon emissions, his treasury secretary is dithering over a banking reform program amid rising concerns over his competence and a monumentally dysfunctional U.S. Congress is launching another public jihad against corporations and bankers.

As an aghast world — from China to Chicago and Chihuahua — watches, the circus-like U.S. political system seems to be declining into near chaos. Through it all, stock and financial markets are paralyzed. The more the policy regime does, the worse the outlook gets. The multi-ringed spectacle raises a disturbing question in many minds: Is this the end of America?

To read the rest of the column click on the title above for a link...... it is not as depressing as the beginning posted above but also not very reassuring either.

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Ron Silver: American Patriot

The following is from an editorial in today's Wall Street Journal:

Ron Silver died on Sunday of cancer, at age 62, having starred in movies, theater and politics. As an actor, he won a Tony Award in 1988 for his performance in David Mamet's "Speed-the-Plow," and more recently he was better known for his role as a hard-bitten political consultant on "The West Wing" on television.

But Silver's most notable legacy was his real-life political activism. A self-described life-long liberal, Silver rallied to the defense of his country and his hometown, New York City, after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Three years later, he spoke at the Republican National Convention in New York, reminding his audience that "This is a war we did not seek. This is a war waged against us. This is a war to which we had to respond." He had held similarly hawkish views during the Cold War, and he rebutted those who see America as little different than its enemies: "History shows that we are not

By his own account, he suffered professionally for those convictions, but he sought no sympathy for whatever price he may have paid in Hollywood for his stand on the war on terror or his vocal criticism of the United Nations, about which he made a documentary in 2005. In "Broken Promises," Silver held the U.N. to account for its failure to live up to its stated ideals, even as his acting colleagues derided President Bush for using military force against tyrants. His brother, Mitchell Silver, told the New York Times that Silver's politics "were not shared by anyone he knew." His politics, in other words, were born of conviction, not convenience, which is one way to describe an honest patriot.

The Obama Administration will not use the words "THE WAR ON TERRORISM" or "ENEMY COMBATANTS" seeking instead to convert it into a criminal justice matter and will not use the words "TERRORIST ATTACK" but now call it "Man made disaster." How can we win if they will not even call it what it is? We are in a war on terrorism against Islamic Fascist and their attacks are not some negligent man made flood but the acts of evil men who have to be killed one by one! The Holocaust was not a "man made disaster"and neither was 9/11! Whether we like it or not they want to kill us! Putting our heads in the sand will only lead to another 9/11 and those who let it happen will be held accountable.We will live to regret the closing of "Camp Gitmo." Ron Silver understood that. We have lost a warrior and a patriot and we will not forget.

He came home on his shield!

"Besides its primary function as a protective device, the shield also
had symbolic meaning. A Spartan mother would warn her son to "return
either with your shield or on it"
(Spartan shields were large enough
to serve as stretchers or funeral biers). If a Spartan soldier returned home
alive without his shield, it meant that he had thrown it away while
running for his life (its weight made it a formidable obstacle to fast
running), an act of cowardice

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day

What better day to write about the soundtrack to Director John Ford's movie, The Quiet Man, which he made as a tribute to his ancestral home of Ireland.Of all the movie he made this is the one he loved and fought hardest to make. No one though it would be a hit and he had to agree to make another John Wayne western , Rio Grande,to compensate Republic Pictures Studios for the cost of the Quiet Man. Before production started on The Quiet Man he made Rio Grande with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara to test them out for their parts in The Quiet Man. They were magic together in both movies. In The Quiet Man, Wayne and O'Hara star in this movie of an American Boxer who returns to his family's home in Ireland and falls in love with an Irish lass.The soundtrack is available on CD and was recorded in Ireland by "The Dublin Screen Orchestra."A great soundtrack to a John Wayne movie.The movie was made in Ireland in the summer of 1951. John Ford won the Best Director Oscar for his direction and it also won a Best Cinematography Oscar.The Soundtrack was written by Victor Young. Ford insisted that the music aptly reflect the lush Irish locale and is full of Irish folk tunes.I played it on the way to work this morning.

If you watch Rio Grande, you will also note he tested some of the music for The Quiet Man in in that movie as well.

Now, we just need a restored copy of The Quiet Man on DVD because the present one is a poor transfer of the movie. In some ways the old VHS copy of the movie are better.

I can still remember watching this movie, for the first time, with my parent and sister, in the 1950's from the back seat of my parents car at a drive in theater. My dad liked the big fight at the end of the movie. I can still hear his laugh.

UPDATE: I'm not the only one thinking about The Quiet Man today. From National Reviews Blog "The Corner:

And if you really want to get in the spirit of the occasion, here's the fight scene from The Quiet Man.

Click on the title above for a link.

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Bob Dylan's new Album "Together Through Life"

Bob Dylan’s new studio album, "Together Through Life" is set for release on April 28, Columbia Records announced today. "Together," recorded late last year after Dylan was asked to compose music for a forthcoming film by French director Oliver Dahan, takes its musical cues from classic 1950s Chess and Sun recordings.

For more info and a picture of the cover click on the title for a link.

Good News for the Ducks

Since "Letter of Intent Day" the Oregon Ducks have picked up two Junior College wide receivers for their football team.

Today the Ducks received a letter of intent from **** four-star Wide receiver Tyrece Gaines of Butler County Community College in El Dorado (Kan.) was one of the most highly-sought after prospects in the nation for the 2009 recruiting class.

Also,since "letter of Intent Day" they picked up Lavasier Tuinei, – 6-5, 200, Arcadia, Ind. (Hamilton Heights HS/Golden West C.C. The junior college wide receiver is scheduled to join the Ducks in time for spring practice.

Tuinei, like quarterback Jeremiah Masoli was in 2008, was a full qualifier out of high school and heads to Eugene after only one season in the JUCO ranks, giving him four years to play three.

A 6-6 burner from Arcadia, Ind., Tuinei spent last season at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, Calif. A ***three-star prospect according to, he was ranked as the No. 8 junior college receiver available by JCGridiron.

BTW that Brown kid picked Tennessee so he could be near his parents and his "advisor."

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back to Reality

Former Vice President Dick Cheney on CNN today:

KING: Since taking office, President Obama has done these things to change the policies you helped put in place. He has announced he will close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. He has announced he will close CIA black sites around the world, where they interrogate terror suspects. Says he will make CIA interrogators abide by the Army Field Manual, defined waterboarding as torture and ban it, suspend trials for terrorists by military commission, and now eliminate the label of enemy combatants. I'd like to just simply ask you, yes or no, by taking those steps, do you believe the president of the United States has made Americans less safe?

CHENEY: I do. I think those programs were absolutely essential to the success we enjoyed of being able to collect the intelligence that let us defeat all further attempts to launch attacks against the United States since 9/11. I think that's a great success story. It was done legally. It was done in accordance with our constitutional practices and principles. President Obama campaigned against it all across the country. And now he is making some choices that, in my mind, will, in fact, raise the risk to the American people of another attack.

KING: That's a pretty serious thing to say about the president of the United States...

CHENEY: Well...

KING: ... and commander in chief of the military. So I want to give you a chance, because many people will say, Vice President Cheney just said Barack Obama, President Obama is making us less safe, more at risk, which you just said. I want to give you a chance — and take as much time as you want — to prove it. Because you put that list up there, and I know you say there have been three cases, I believe, of waterboarding in the past, and you say that specific things have been prevented. I know some of this is classified intelligence, but now that you're out of government, to the degree that you can, tell the American people, because of those tactics, because of those, yes, sometimes extreme tactics, we stopped this.

CHENEY: Well, I would say that the key to what we did was to collect intelligence against the enemy. That's what the terrorist surveillance program was all about, that's what the enhanced interrogation program was all about.

Dick Cheney is right and the American people will learn it and let's hope it will not be too late!

Friday, March 13, 2009

"Give Me Shelter From The Storm!"

The news has been so bad the last few months I have needed "shelter from the storm." What with the election results, the Obama administrations moving the country to the left, the bad economy and last, but not least, the terrible Oregon Duck Basketball season, I have needed something to take my mind off all of all of the above and old Bob Dylan and his music have done the trick. I have always been a fan of Dylan's music but recently I have made a real study of him and his music. I have obtained a number of his albums and have read two biography's. ("Bob Dylan Behind the Shades" and "Bob Dylan an Intimate Biography")I have watched the movie about him, "I'm Not There" three times. I also have watched the documentary "No Direction Home A Martin Scorsese Picture." three times. This weekend I will be watching "Bob Dylan: 1966-1978: After the Crash." The more I study him the less I like him as a person but the more I admire his talent and appreciate his music. Bob Dylan has released at least 50+albums with another one coming out in April of 2009. With that much music it is difficult to get a handle on the music but in this post I am going to make an attempt. Stephanie Sane on's "listmania" has attempted to organise Dylan's music into categories.Dylan keeps reinventing himself and his music. I will be using her categories in my outline of his music. Not everyone wants to buy 50+albums, not even me, so I will list by category what I believe are the essential albums. For each album I will give a capsule description from Wikipedia followed by my comments.


"Bob Dylan"1962
is the eponymous debut album from the highly influential American artist of the same name. It was released on March 19, 1962 on Columbia Records, when Dylan was 20 years old. It features two original compositions, the rest being old folk standards, and was produced by Columbia's legendary talent scout John H. Hammond, who signed Dylan to the label.

Bob Dylan had just moved to New York from Minnesota and hung out with the folk crowd in Greenwich Village and had taken on a Woody Guthrie 1930's persona and the music is a reflection of that.

The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan 1963
is singer-songwriter Bob Dylan's second studio album, released in May 1963 by Columbia Records.
Dylan's debut album, Bob Dylan, had featured just two original songs. Freewheelin' contained just two covers, the traditional tune "Corrina, Corrina", and "Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance" — which Dylan re-wrote extensively.[1] All the other songs were Dylan originals and the Freewheelin' album showcased for the first time Dylan's song-writing talent.[2] The album kicked off with "Blowin' in the Wind", which would become one of Dylan's most celebrated songs. In July 1963, the song became an international hit for folk trio Peter, Paul & Mary
The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan reached number 22 in the US (eventually going platinum), and later became a number 1 hit in the UK in 1965. It was one of 50 recordings chosen in 2002 by the Library of Congress to be added to the National Recording Registry.
In 2003, the album was ranked number 97 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.[3]

Dylan leaves Woody behind. This was Dylan's protest album on issues of the day. I love the Civil Rights songs but hate "Talking World War III Blues". "Blowin in the Wind" is one of his best.We start seeing the angry Dylan with "Don't think Twice, it's all Right" one of my favorites.

Times They Are a-Changin'1964
is Bob Dylan's third album, released in 1964 by Columbia Records.
Produced by Tom Wilson, it is the singer-songwriter's first collection to feature only original compositions. The album consists mostly of stark, sparsely-arranged story songs concerning issues such as racism, poverty, and social change. The title track is one of Dylan's most famous; many felt that it captured the spirit of social and political upheaval that characterized the 1960s.
Some critics and fans were not quite as taken with the album as a whole, relative to his previous work, for its lack of humor or musical diversity. Still, The Times They Are a-Changin' entered the United States chart at twenty, eventually going gold, and belatedly reaching four in the United Kingdom in 1965.

Love "The Times They Are A Changin'" and "Boots of Spanish Leather." Hate "With God on our Side" Dylan's last real protest album.

Another Side of Bob Dylan 1964
is Bob Dylan's fourth studio album, released in 1964 by Columbia Records.
Consistent with its title, the album marks a shift away from the more overt, issue-oriented folk music that Dylan had previously been gravitating toward, dominating his previous LP, The Times They Are A-Changin'. This break from traditionalist roots prompted sharp criticism from influential figures in the folk community. Sing Out! editor Irwin Silber famously complained that Dylan had "somehow lost touch with people" and was tangled up in "the paraphernalia of fame". Most critics outside of these circles, however, praised its innovations in songwriting, which would have a tremendous influence on such legendary rock acts as The Beatles.
Despite the major thematic changes, Dylan still performed his songs solo, with acoustic guitar and harmonica, and even piano on one song. Another Side of Bob Dylan reached #43 in the US (although it eventually went gold), and peaked at #8 on the UK charts in 1965.

Dylan leaves the protest songs behind and this is my favorite album in this category. The songs are introspective, personal and poetic. "All I Really Want to Do" and "Chimes of Freedom" are my favorites. Is he singing about his x girlfriend Suze Rotolo when he sings "It Ain't me Babe"?

The Bootleg Series Vol. 6: Bob Dylan Live 1964, Concert at Philharmonic Hall
is a complete recording of Bob Dylan's October 31, 1964 "Halloween" show at New York's Philharmonic Hall. It was released in 2004.
The set list was dominated by Dylan’s protest songs, including "The Times They Are a-Changin’," "A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall," and "The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll". Joan Baez, a major supporter of Dylan's in his early career, duets with Dylan on three songs, as well as singing another alone ("Silver Dagger"). However, Dylan performed these songs alongside early versions of three songs from the soon-to-be-recorded Bringing It All Back Home. New compositions like "It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)" and "Mr. Tambourine Man" showed Dylan moving in a new direction, becoming more immersed in evocative, stream-of-consciousness lyrics and moving away from social, topical songwriting. Even as he was moving in this new direction, Dylan was still portrayed as a symbol of the civil rights and anti-war movements, and the Halloween concert of 1964 caught Dylan in transition.
The album debuted on the Billboard 200 album chart on April 17, 2004 at number 28. It spent 4 weeks on the chart. It also reached number 33 in the U.K.

I am not a big fan of his "live" albums because he "fools around" with how he sings the songs often giving undue emphasis to certain words that spoil the song. This "live album" is an exception and is the best of his early folk period.Dylan would change but the audience did not know it that Halloween night in 1964.

Also check out BOB DYLAN the bootleg series Volumes 1-3 (rare & unreleased 1961-1991 (see below) because over 1/3 of the set is unreleased songs or alternate versions from this period.


Bringing It All Back Home 1965
is Bob Dylan's fifth studio album, released in 1965 by Columbia Records.
The album is divided into an electric and an acoustic side. On side one of the original LP, Dylan is backed by an electric rock and roll band - a move that further alienated him from some of his former peers in the folk song community. Likewise, on the acoustic second side of the album, he distanced himself from the protest songs with which he had become closely identified (such as "Blowin' in the Wind" and "A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall"), as his lyrics continued their trend toward the abstract and personal.
The album reached #6 on Billboard's Pop Albums chart, the first of Dylan's LPs to break into the US top 10. It also topped the UK charts later that Spring. The lead-off track, "Subterranean Homesick Blues", became Dylan's first single to chart in the US, peaking at #39.

I like "Mr. Tambourine Man" but I like the acoustic songs the best. The three albums in this category are called "The Trilogy." Dylan was at his height in popularity but the "folkies" felt betrayed when he went electric. Dylan shocked his folk fans at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965 when he came out backed by an electric band.

Highway 61 Revisited 1965
is Bob Dylan's sixth studio album, released in 1965 by Columbia Records. It is Dylan's first album to be recorded entirely with a full rock band, after he experimented with the approach on half of Bringing It All Back Home. It is commonly tagged as documenting the "angry young man" period in Dylan's career, in-between the playfulness of its surrounding albums; many of the songs on Highway 61 are of an accusatory nature and feature rough, loud takes.
Featuring hits and concert staples such as "Like a Rolling Stone", "Desolation Row", and "Ballad of a Thin Man", it is also generally considered to be among the artist's best and most influential efforts. Dylan himself commented, "I'm not gonna be able to make a record better than that one... Highway 61 is just too good. There's a lot of stuff on there that I would listen to."[1]
The album peaked at #3 on Billboard's Pop Albums chart and #4 in the UK, while "Like a Rolling Stone" reached #2 on the US Pop Singles chart and #4 in the UK, also receiving the accolade of being placed #1 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The album itself was ranked #4 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

Who doesn't like "Like a Rolling Stone."? But, my least favorite of "The Trilogy" albums

Blonde on Blonde 1966
is singer-songwriter Bob Dylan's seventh studio album, released in 1966 by Columbia Records.
It is believed to be the first significant double album in rock music,[1] its length forcing it to two LPs, although some digital reissues fit the album on one compact disc. It is notable for injecting Dylan's brand of blues rock, fully established on Highway 61 Revisited, with a more eclectic sound and even more surreal lyrics. Despite its uncompromising nature, it has come to be regarded as one of Dylan's greatest achievements, and "one of the greatest rock & roll albums ever made".[1][2] It also marked the end of an era for Dylan, who would soon be involved in a motorcycle accident (significantly changing his musical approach).
Recorded in Nashville, the album was produced by Bob Johnston. It peaked at #9 on Billboard's Pop Albums chart in the US, eventually going double-platinum, while it reached #3 in the UK. It is ranked as the ninth greatest album of all time by both VH1 and Rolling Stone.

The best of "The Trilogy albums." "Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands" is about his wife."Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again" and "Just Like a Woman" can be played again and again. After this album he is involved in a motorcycle accident and takes a break from music.


John Wesley Harding 1967

is Bob Dylan's 8th studio album, released by Columbia Records in 1967.
Produced by Bob Johnston, the album marked Dylan's return to acoustic music and traditional roots, after three albums of electric rock music. John Wesley Harding was recorded around the same time as (and shares many stylistic threads with) a prolific series of home recording sessions with The Band, finally released in 1975 as The Basement Tapes.
John Wesley Harding was exceptionally well received by critics and enjoyed solid sales, reaching the number 2 slot on U.S. charts and topping the British charts. The commercial performance was considered remarkable considering that Dylan had kept Columbia from releasing the album with much promotion or publicity. Less than three months after its release, John Wesley Harding was certified gold by the RIAA. Although Dylan also decided against releasing a single, "All Along the Watchtower" became one of his most popular songs after it was covered by Jimi Hendrix the following year.
In 2003, the album was ranked number 301 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Wonderful album. Nice to see a softening to his music.

Nashville Skyline 1969
is Bob Dylan's 9th proper studio album, released by Columbia Records in 1969.
The album marked a dramatic departure for Dylan, previously known for his groundbreaking, poetic folk music and rock'n'roll. Nashville Skyline, building on a rustic style he experimented with on John Wesley Harding, displayed a complete immersion into country music. Along with the more basic themes and simple songwriting structures, it introduced audiences to a radically new singing voice from Dylan - a soft, affected country croon.
The result received some mixed reaction from critics at the time,[citation needed] but Nashville Skyline, despite its brevity (it is Dylan's shortest album), was a commercial success. Reaching number 3 in the US, the album also scored Dylan his fourth UK number 1 album

"Girl from the North Country" is about his high school girlfriend in his home town of Hibbing Minnesota. The song is sung with Johnny Cash. A nice bled of Country, Folk and Rock.

Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid 1973

is a soundtrack album released by Bob Dylan in 1973 for the Sam Peckinpah film of the same name. Dylan himself appeared in the film as the character "Alias". Consisting of primarily instrumental music and inspired by the movie itself, the soundtrack birthed one of Dylan's most beloved songs—and biggest hits—"Knockin' On Heaven's Door", which became a trans-Atlantic Top 20 hit.

A gold record, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid reached #16 US and #29 UK.

The Soundtrack from "Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid" is good ,but mostly instrumental. Even my wife likes the hit ""Knockin on Heavan's Door." A college friend of mine, "Mark" loved this album and drug me to the movie.


Blood on the Tracks 1975
is singer-songwriter Bob Dylan's 15th studio album, released in 1975 by Columbia Records, which marked Dylan's return to Columbia after a two-album stint with Asylum Records.
The album, which followed several years of lukewarm reception for Dylan's work, was greeted respectably by fans and critics. In the years following its release, it has come to be regarded as one of his very best albums — making it quite common for subsequent records to be labeled his "best since Blood on the Tracks."[1][2][3][4] It is also commonly seen as a standard for confessional singer-songwriter albums; though Dylan has denied that the songs are autobiographical, his son Jakob Dylan has stated: "The songs are my parents talking."[5] Most of the lyrics on the album revolve around heartache, anger, and loneliness. In 2003, the album was ranked number 16 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.
The album reached #1 on the Billboard U.S. pop charts and #4 in the UK. The single "Tangled Up in Blue" peaked at #31 on the Pop singles chart. The album remains one of Dylan's all-time best-selling studio releases, with a double-platinum US certification to date.[6]

After a period of not very good albums he hits it big time with this album that is full of heartbreak over the breakup of his marriage. The last really good album for a long, long time.

The Bootleg Series Vol. 5: Bob Dylan Live 1975, The Rolling Thunder Revue
is a live album by Bob Dylan released by Columbia Records in 2002. It documents the traveling caravan of musicians, entitled the Rolling Thunder Revue, led by Bob Dylan prior to the release of his hit 1976 album Desire. The only other released documentation of this tour is the live Dylan album Hard Rain, released in 1976 to largely negative reviews.

The 2-CD set got a warm reception from critics and fans - though some lamented that it does not document, or emulate, a typical complete show from the tour.[1] it reached #69 in the U.K.

The album debuted on the Billboard 200 chart on December 14, 2002 at number 56. It spent 9 weeks on the chart. It was certified and awarded a gold record on March 12, 2003 by the RIAA.

This a wonderful album I just added to my collection . There are duets with Joan Baez. This "live" album takes songs from several concerts when Bob was still interested and fresh and it showes. You get very lively and emotional versions of his studio songs. I Like the back up group better than "The Band." Scarlet Rivera on violin is particularly good. The second half of the first disc and the second disc are the best. This is a must have album for a Dylan fan.

Also check out Desire 1975. The album has three great songs "Hurricane," "Oh, Sister" and "Sara" about his wife. I don't like the rest so a download from does the trick.


"Other than Slow Train Coming 1979 these albums were not very good. The late 1970's 1980's and early 1990's are best covered by Compilation Albums or downloading selected songs from and making your own album because for me there is not much there that I like even though he turned out a lot of albums. I do like "Gotta Serve Somebody".Do check out Oh Mercy 1989 for "Ring them Bells", "Most of the Time," "What good Am I," and "Shooting Star." I also like "Dark Eyes" from Empire Burlesque 1985. and Planet Waves 1974 has "Wedding Song" and "Forever Young."


Time Out of Mind 1997
is Bob Dylan's 30th studio album, released in 1997 by Columbia Records. It was his first double studio album (as it was released on vinyl - it was released also as a single CD) since 1970's Self Portrait.
For fans and critics, the album marked Dylan's artistic comeback after he struggled with his musical identity throughout the 1980s[citation needed], and hadn't released any original material since the release of Under the Red Sky in 1990. Upon release, Time Out of Mind was hailed as one of the singer-songwriter's best albums, and it went on to win three Grammy awards, including Album of the Year in 1998. It also made Uncut magazine's Album of the Year. Furthermore, the album was ranked #408 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time in 2003.
The album features a particularly atmospheric sound, the work of producer (and past Dylan collaborator) Daniel Lanois, whose innovative work with carefully placed microphones and strategic mixing was detailed by Dylan in the first volume of his memoirs, Chronicles, Vol. 1. Despite being generally complimentary to Lanois, especially his work on the 1989 album Oh Mercy, Dylan has voiced dissatisfaction with the sound on Time Out of Mind. He has gone on to self-produce his subsequent albums.

Dylan sees his own mortality in "Not Dark Yet" one of his finest and most haunting songs. "Standing in the Doorway", "Tryin' to Get to Heaven" and "Make You Feel My Love" are some of the best songs he has ever done.

Modern Times 2006
is Bob Dylan's 32nd studio album, released on August 29, 2006 by Sony BMG. The album was Dylan's third straight (following Time out of Mind and "Love and Theft") to be met with nearly universal praise from fans and critics. It continued its predecessors' tendencies toward blues, rockabilly and pre-rock balladry, and was self-produced by Dylan under the pseudonym "Jack Frost". Along with the acclaim, the album sparked some debate over its uncredited use of choruses and arrangements from older songs, as well as many lyrical lines taken from the work of 19th century poet Henry Timrod.Modern Times became the singer-songwriter's first #1 album in the U.S. since 1976's Desire. It was also his first album to debut at the summit of the Billboard 200, selling 191,933 copies in its first week. At age 65, Dylan became the oldest living person at the time to have an album enter the Billboard charts at number one[1] (Neil Diamond has since earned the title). It also reached #1 in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland, debuted #2 in Germany, Austria and Sweden. It reached #3 in the UK and The Netherlands and has sold over 4 million copies worldwide. As with its two studio predecessors, the album's packaging features minimal credits and no lyric sheet.

Well received but a little too "Bluesy" for my taste.


Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits 1967
is the eighth album released by Bob Dylan on Columbia Records, catalogue CK 65975. It peaked at #10 on the Pop Album Chart, and went to #3 in the United Kingdom; certified five times platinum in the United States, it is one of his very best-selling albums.

Greatest Hits presented his first appearance on records after his epic Blonde on Blonde double-LP of May 1966 and his famed motorcycle accident of that summer. With no activity by Dylan since the end of his recent world tour, and no new recordings on the immediate horizon (the Basement Tapes sessions were still months away if the accepted chronologies are correct), Columbia needed new product to continue to capitalize on Dylan's commercial appeal. Hence the appearance of this package, the label's first Dylan compilation, and its first LP release with a $5.98 list price, one dollar more than that of standard releases.
This album also serves as Dylan's de facto singles collection for the 1960s, as all but three of the tracks present, "The Times They Are a-Changin'," "It Ain't Me Babe," and "Mr. Tambourine Man" had been issued at 45 rpm in the United States during the decade, although "Times" made it to #9 as a single release in the UK. A truncated rock and roll version of "Mr. Tambourine Man" had been a number one hit for The Byrds in the summer of 1965, the Turtles took a folk-rock version of "It Ain't Me Babe" to #8 the same year, and Peter, Paul and Mary enjoyed a huge hit with their #2 single of "Blowin' in the Wind" in 1963. The remaining six tracks all made the Billboard Top 40 in 1965 and 1966. Probably the most astounding thing of all concerning this collection is that it documents a time in America when this kind of lyric complexity and philosophic bent could actually become a top ten pop chart hit, "Like a Rolling Stone" and "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" both going to #2 and "Positively 4th Street" going to #7. The latter track, incidentally, was the only single of the collection not later released on or taken off an album, having been recorded during sessions for Highway 61 Revisited.
The cover photograph of Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits was taken by Rowland Scherman at Dylan's November 28, 1965 concert in Washington, D.C. The cover won the 1967 Grammy award for "Best Album Cover, Photography." The original album package also included Milton Glaser's now-familiar "psychedelic" poster depicting Dylan; it would later be disparaged by the burgeoning rock press. Though Dylan had been quoted as disliking the cover image, a similar image - taken at the Concert for Bangladesh in 1971 - was selected for Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Vol. II, a compilation Dylan had much more control over. John Berg, Senior Art Director at Columbia Records, should be noted here as the man who recognized that a backlit image such as Scherman's would work because of Dylan's unique sartorial style. It was his design, as well as Scherman's photo--that won the Grammy.
When this album was remastered for its 1997 rerelease 30 years later, a slightly longer alternate mix of "Positively 4th Street" was substituted for the original single version.

My first Dylan record album. As a student I couldn't afford to buy albums were I only liked some of the songs so this was a happy compromise.

Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Vol. II 1971
also known as More Bob Dylan Greatest Hits, was the second compilation album released by Bob Dylan. With Dylan not expected to release any new material for an extended period of time, CBS Records president Clive Davis proposed issuing a double LP compilation of older material. Dylan agreed, suggesting that the package include a full side of unreleased tracks from his archives. After submitting a set of excerpts from the Basement Tapes, which Davis found unsatisfactory, Dylan returned to the studio in September 1971 to recut several Basement songs, with Happy Traum providing backup.
The final package included one previously uncollected single, "Watching The River Flow," (which became an instant cult classic and is still performed live today); an outtake from the same sessions, "When I Paint My Masterpiece;" one song from Dylan's April 12, 1963 Town Hall concert, "Tomorrow is a Long Time," and three songs from the September sessions, "I Shall Be Released," "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere," and "Down in the Flood." The remaining tracks were drawn from existing releases.
The album package was designed to capitalize on the publicity surrounding George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh, about to be released on film and LP. The photo on the album cover was taken during Dylan's performance at the concert by the film's still photographer, Barry Feinstein[1], and is a look-alike of Rowland Scherman's 1965 photo used for the cover of the previous volume, Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits. Reaching #14 the US and #12 in the UK, Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Vol. II is now
certified six times platinum in the US, making it one of Dylan's best selling albums.

My second Dylan record album. I played the record all the time after I got out of the Army. "Tomorrow is a Long Time" was previously unreleased on studio albums and one of his finest songs.

The Essential Bob Dylan 2000
is a compilation by Bob Dylan, released as a double-CD set in 2000, part of Columbia Records' "The Essential" series. The Essential Bob Dylan spans from 1963's "Blowin' In The Wind" (taken from The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan) to 1999's "Things Have Changed" (Dylan's Oscar-winning song from the motion picture, Wonder Boys).
The Essential Bob Dylan has proven to be a solid seller in Dylan's catalog, reaching #67 in the US, and peaking at #9 in the UK.

My first Dylan CD. At the time it was the best overview of his music on two CD's.

The Bootleg Series Volumes 1–3 (Rare & Unreleased) 1961–1991
is a compilation box set by Bob Dylan. Released in 1991 to satisfy enormous demand for Dylan's much-bootlegged unissued material, it contains rarities and unreleased works from the sessions for 1962's eponymous debut Bob Dylan to 1989's Oh Mercy.
The Bootleg Series Volumes 1–3 (Rare & Unreleased) 1961–1991 went gold in the US, reaching #49, and peaked at #32 in the UK.
The Bootleg Series Volumes 1–3 (Rare & Unreleased) 1961–1991 is a compilation box set by Bob Dylan. Released in 1991 to satisfy enormous demand for Dylan's much-bootlegged unissued material, it contains rarities and unreleased works from the sessions for 1962's eponymous debut Bob Dylan to 1989's Oh Mercy.
The Bootleg Series Volumes 1–3 (Rare & Unreleased) 1961–1991 went gold in the US, reaching #49, and peaked at #32 in the UK.

I love this album. Made up of songs or versions of songs that did not make his studio albums. Almost two CD of the three CD set is acoustic from his early years and I like much of it better than the albums. A lot of good stuff. If you like folk music this is a must album.

The Bootleg Series Vol. 8 - Tell Tale Signs: Rare and Unreleased 1989-2006

is a compilation album by singer-songwriter Bob Dylan and is the most recent installment of his official "bootleg series" of rare and unissued recordings.[1] It was originally released as a double, and (limited edition) triple album. It was later released as a single album, comprised of disc one of the double set. The three-disc version of Tell Tale Signs includes a 150-page book, and some editions include a 7" vinyl single with two tracks from the set.

The album spans the recording sessions for Oh Mercy, World Gone Wrong, Time Out of Mind, and Modern Times as well as a number of soundtrack contributions and previously unreleased live tracks from 1989 through 2006.[2] The collection also includes a track from an abandoned album Dylan had started to record with David Bromberg in 1992, and Dylan's duet with Ralph Stanley, 'The Lonesome River'. Although Under the Red Sky, Good as I Been to You and Love and Theft were all recorded during this time period, no tracks from these sessions are included on Tell Tale Signs. An alternate version of "Series of Dreams" was included on Vol. 3 of the Bootleg Series. "Dreamin' Of You", an outtake from the Time Out of Mind sessions, was offered for free download on Bob Dylan's site and was also sent to radio stations as a promotional single. In its first week it opened with #6 on the Billboard 200, selling over 600,000 copies and becoming Dylan's 17th album to open in the top 10.

I only like about 7 songs of the 27 on the two CD set so this is a good album to use to download what you like and skip the rest.

"DYLAN" 2007

A nice three CD set( there is also a 1 CD album) that gives an overview of his music from 1962 to 2006. A good place to start if you can buy only one album but don't stop there!

Happy listening and "shelter from the storm"!

(Click on the title for a link to the offical Dylan site and for photos of the covers of all Dylan albums.)

Updated March 15, 2009

NEWS FLASH: Bellotti to become AD this Summer

It was announced today that University of Oregon Head Football Coach Mike Bellotti will step down before Spring Practice and will become Athletic Director in July of this year. Offensive Coordinator Chip Kelly will be come Head Football coach for the 2009 season! Thanks Pat Kilkenny current AD for a job well done and thanks,to Mike Bellotti for being a great football coach. Go Ducks!
Click on the title for a link to the news story.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time for Ernie Kent to go!

Tonight the Washington State Cougars, in an act of mercy, put the Duck Men's basketball team out of their misery by beating the Ducks 62 to 40 in the first round of the Pac-Ten Basketball Tournament in Los Angeles. This season the Ducks have won only two Pac-Ten basketball games to finish dead last in Pac-Ten standings. The Duck's nightmare season has thus ended but they lost many of their fans weeks ago.This season's record is unacceptable for any coach even Ernie Kent!

Let it be said that the young team played the season with honor and never gave up. The same can be said about the coaches including head coach Ernie Kent. I admire them for their fortitude. The freshman players can look forward to the years ahead. They can't get any harder than this one. It is all together likely that Ernie Kent will be back next year as head coach. I have great doubt that AD Pat Kilkenny, a loyal Duck fan, will fire Ernie Kent. Instead Kent should resign or at least announce that he will only coach one more year.

Ernie Kent is also a loyal Duck who loves the University of Oregon. Because he loves the University of Oregon I would hope that he would see resigning now or at the end of next season, as an act of personal sacrifice for the good of the Ducks. Ernie, despite some "personal mistakes" is a good man who cares about his players. He works hard to make them good citizens who graduate. He is an excellent recruiter who is able to convince parents that he will take care of their boys and look out for their long term welfare. Ernie has given a lot to the University of Oregon community. When he was first hired there was no bigger fan than I was. As a student, I watched "million moves Kent" play as a member of Dick Harter's "Kamikaze Kids." Ernie works hard as a coach and has given everything he has on behalf of the team. Unfortunately, Ernie has become a victim of the success he has brought the University of Oregon. Fans are no longer willing to accept mediocrity.

And, unfortunately Ernie has become a very divisive figure. I have talked to many fans in person and through online groups and every season the last few years he has divided those Duck fans into two groups, those that want him gone and those that support him. The discussions are often very bitter and there are even those fans that now secretly root against the Ducks in hope that Ernie will leave. There are also many Duck fans who have just lost interest in Duck Basketball. Most fans agree that Ernie is not a good "game day" coach from the bench. Many also believe that his teams do not get better as the season progresses. Kent has taken the Ducks to the NCAA "Final 8" twice with NBA quality players he has recruited. However, there is a general consensus that his teams "under perform." A "winning season" next year or even making the NCAA Tournament next season will not cause this divisiveness to go away. In today's economy the Athletic Department will have a tough time selling enough tickets to make the new basketball arena, "Matt Court," financially successful. It will be much tougher with Kent as head coach. He doesn't have enough supporters to buy the necessary tickets. It is with deep sadness that I write this and I wish it were not so.For the last three seasons or so I have been "on the fence" about Kent. I have now taken sides however reluctantly. I have felt this most of the season but did not want to comment till the season was over. The season is now over. Please, Ernie do the what's best for the Ducks! Regardless, I will never root against the Ducks openly or secretly. Go Ducks!

Rush is not alone!

********On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, just minutes before learning of the terrorist attacks on America, Democratic strategist James Carville was hoping for President Bush to fail, telling a group of Washington reporters: "I certainly hope he doesn't succeed."
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National Review's Latest Cover


"Most Americans don’t yet grasp the scale of the Obama project. The naysayers complain, Oh, it’s another Jimmy Carter, or It’s the new New Deal, or It’s LBJ’s Great Society applied to health care. You should be so lucky. It’s all those multiplied a gazillionfold and nuclearized — or Europeanized, which is less dramatic but ultimately more lethal."

By Mark Steyn

At a newsstand near you.

Dow Jones: Has it hit bottom?

Or is this just a one day rally? Have a second cup of coffee. Make mine decaf.

UPDATE: Dow ends up 379. A good day, hope it lasts!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Quote of the Day

Irving Kristol,(yes Bill's Dad) in his essay "Utopianism, Ancient and Modern":

"A people who have mortgaged themselves to the hilt are a dependent people, and ultimately they will look to the state to save them from bankruptcy."

First published in 1973.

Friedrich A. Hayek would certainly agree!

Global Financial Assets Lost $50 Trillion Last Year

Bloomberg Press is reporting:

The value of global financial assets including stocks, bonds and currencies probably fell by more than $50 trillion in 2008, equivalent to a year of world gross domestic product, according to an Asian Development Bank report.

Claudio Losera former International Monetary Fund director and the author of the report said "The loss of financial wealth is enormous, and the consequences for the economies of the world will be unfortunately commensurate,”***** "There is no room for denial or populist policies,”***** “Otherwise the crisis will become even deeper and harder to reverse.”

Click on the title for a link to the entire Bloombeg news report.

Dow Jones: How Low Will It Go?... "It's fallen off a cliff"

This is getting scary! The Dow dropped another 80 points today (79.89)and closed at 6,547.05. Will it go below 6000?

Warren Buffett says the economy has basically followed the worst-case scenario he envisioned six months ago."It's fallen off a cliff," ***** "Not only has the economy slowed down a lot, but people have really changed their habits like I haven't seen."******"What is required is a commander in chief that's looked at like a commander in chief in a time of war,"

Too bad, we got a "community organizer" in the last election.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

"Obama is a Great Pretender" by Newsweek's Robert Samuelson

A column by Newsweek's economics columnist. He must feel very lonely there at Newsweek.

Obama thinks he can ignore these blatant inconsistencies. Like many smart people, he believes he can talk his way around problems. Maybe. He's helped by much of the media, who seem so enthralled with him that they don't see glaring contradictions. During the campaign, Obama said he would change Washington's petty partisanship; he also advocated a highly partisan agenda. Both claims could not be true. The media barely noticed; the same obliviousness persists. But Obama still runs a risk: that his overworked rhetoric loses its power and boomerangs on him

To read the rest click on the title for a link.

Subject: the financial crisis explained. .

A friend sent me this email:

Heidi is the proprietor of a bar in Medford, Oregon . In order to increase sales, she decides to allow her loyal customers - most of whom are unemployed alcoholics - to drink now but pay later. She keeps track of the drinks consumed on a ledger (thereby granting the customers loans).

Word gets around and as a result increasing numbers of customers flood into Heidi's bar.

Taking advantage of her customers' freedom from immediate payment constraints, Heidi increases her prices for wine and beer, the most-consumed beverages. Her sales volume increases massively.

A young and dynamic customer service consultant at the local bank recognizes these customer debts as valuable future assets and increases Heidi's borrowing limit.

He sees no reason for undue concern since he has the debts of the alcoholics as collateral.

At the bank's corporate headquarters, expert bankers transform these customer assets into DRINKBONDS, ALKBONDS and PUKEBONDS. These securities are then traded on markets worldwide. No one really understands what these abbreviations mean and how the securities are guaranteed. Nevertheless, as their prices continuously climb, the securities become top-selling items.

One day, although the prices are still climbing, a risk manager (subsequently of course fired due his negativity) of the bank decides that slowly the time has come to demand payment of the debts incurred by the drinkers at Heidi's bar.

However they cannot pay back the debts.

Heidi cannot fulfill her loan obligations and claims bankruptcy.

DRINKBOND and ALKBOND drop in price by 95 %. PUKEBOND performs better, stabilizing in price after dropping by 80 %.

The suppliers of Heidi's bar, having granted her generous payment due dates and having invested in the securities are faced with a new situation. Her wine supplier claims bankruptcy, her beer supplier is taken over by a competitor.

The bank is saved by the Government following dramatic round-the-clock consultations by leaders from the governing political parties.

The funds required for this purpose are obtained by a tax levied on the non-drinkers.

Finally an explanation I understand

"Returning to the place that her son loved" by JOHN CANZANO

The foot bridge across the Willamette river near Autzen Stadium in Eugene Oregon is one of my favorite places on earth . I walk across it on the way to every University of Oregon home football game. I have thought I would like my ashes, or at least some of them, spread in the river below after I die.

Love him or hate him, every once in a while John Canzano a sports columnist for the Oregonian Newspaper writes a nice column. It will add new meaning to my walks across that bridge.

Three years ago, I wrote a column about a mother in Stockbridge, Ga., who told me she'd watched a VHS tape of an Oregon basketball game "a million times."

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Dow Jones: How Low Will It Go?

I was out of town on a business trip to the North Central Oregon Coast for four days this week but the Dow Jones did not take a "Holiday" and dropped 435 points for the week to end at 6626.I don't give investment advise but the advertisements for investing in gold are starting to sound appealing. Is the investment community on strike? Who is John Gault?

Friday, March 06, 2009

South Medford is going to State!

The South Medford Panthers tonight earned a return trip to the Oregon State 6A Boys Basketball Tournament to be held at Mac Court on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene. South had to win two payoff games at home to earn the trip. On Tuesday they beat David Douglas 76 to 59 and tonight they beat West Linn 73 to 61. On Wednesday March 11 at 1:30 PM they will play Lincoln High School of Portland in Mac Court where the final 8 teams in the state will compete for the Oregon State Championship. Go Panthers

Monday, March 02, 2009

Dow Jones: How Low will it Go!

Fear grips Wall Street as the Dow fell 300 points (299.64)today and fell below below 7,000 for first time since 1997! President Obama has done little to allay those fears with contradictory signals coming out of the White House and the reckless spending of the Democrats in Congress with the President's acquiescence. SELL... SELL...SELL is the word on Wall Street.

I wish I was a gold dealer, business must be great!


I am worried.I wish I didn't have to say this but we may be in the early stages of a full economic meltdown that will go on for much longer than is predicted and be studied for generations. In talking with people I see fear. No one wants to talk about it but they hint about it in their conversations with acquaintances."How is your business doing?" "Your business is recession proof isn't it?" "We aren't going on a vacation this year" "We didn't get season tickets this year" We aren't eating out as much as we used to" etc. I don't say this with any joy or attempt at political advantage but no one seems to know what to do. We are in uncharted waters. Those in power seem to be making all the wrong choices. The so called experts are no help at all and just as dumbfounded as we all are. As a student of history, people in the middle of such a a meltdown often will attempt to minimise it."Everything is normal... nothing has changed" Oh, the movies and the basketball games go on but things are not normal. Think of the Jews in Germany who minimised the threat posed by the Nazis and the ultimate solution.They didn't know where it was leading until the box cars arrived at the death camps. At each stage they rationalized what was happening. If you read newspapers in 1929, after the crash, they didn't seem to know where things were headed either. . It is easy with the benefit of hindsight to think everyone knew where things were going; but, when history is unfolding few know where things will end up.We all look back and think they were just dumb and we would have done it differently; but, 20/20 is always better in hindsight. Did the Romans and those who made up Western Civilization know that the world was slipping into the Dark Ages?

Abraham Lincoln in his Second Inaugural Address described this when speaking about the beginning of the Civil War:

On the occasion corresponding to this four years ago all thoughts were anxiously directed to an impending civil war. All dreaded it, all sought to avert it. While the inaugural address was being delivered from this place, devoted altogether to saving the Union without war, urgent agents were in the city seeking to destroy it without war—seeking to dissolve the Union and divide effects by negotiation. Both parties deprecated war, but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive, and the other would accept war rather than let it perish, and the war came. 2
One-eighth of the whole population were colored slaves, not distributed generally over the Union, but localized in the southern part of it. These slaves constituted a peculiar and powerful interest. All knew that this interest was somehow the cause of the war. To strengthen, perpetuate, and extend this interest was the object for which the insurgents would rend the Union even by war, while the Government claimed no right to do more than to restrict the territorial enlargement of it. Neither party expected for the war the magnitude or the duration which it has already attained. Neither anticipated that the cause of the conflict might cease with or even before the conflict itself should cease. Each looked for an easier triumph, and a result less fundamental and astounding.

In the end, it is an interesting time to live and we should all prepare for the worst and hope for the best. History shows that "good times" do not last forever. We may get an economic form of Y2K 9 years late. I sincerely hope that when I read this in a year or so I will be embarrassed by my pessimism; but, I fear that will not be the case.I think there is reason for fear!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Oregon 79, Oregon State 69

Tonight the Oregon Ducks beat the Oregon State Beavers at Mac Court in Eugene in men's basketball.To say the least, this has not been a good season for Duck basketball; but, tonight the team and coaches deserve congratulations in this "Civil War" win. The Ducks were down by 14 points in the second half and came back to win by 10 points. Congratulations and Go Ducks!

"Red River" Soundtrack

Last week I acquired a CD of the complete Dimitri Tiomkin score to the Movie "Red River (1947) staring John Wayne, Montgomery Clift, Walter Brennan, Joanne Dru and Harry Carey Sr. and Harry Carey Jr.(The only movie they appear in together)and directed by Howard Hawks. The movie is about a cattle drive from South Texas to the railroad in Abilene Kansas on the old Chisholm Trail. It takes place in Texas in the years after the Civil War when rancher John Wayne is rich with cattle but no one has any money to buy them so he comes up with the idea to drive them north to Missouri (later Kansas)to the railroad so they can be sold in the east. No one has ever done it before and it is a desperate move on his part in hard economic times. There are Indians and border outlaws in Missouri that would love to kill the cattle herders and steal their cattle. Wayne's adopted son Montgomery Clift has just returned from the Civil War to help with the cattle drive. John Wayne give one of the best performances of his career as Tom Dunson, a self-made cattle baron who'll do anything to protect his way of live. It's one of the finest westerns ever made and is sweeping in scope.

Until I bought the CD of the score I had never realized how much the musical score adds to the movie. I have been playing the score all week and last night re watched my DVD copy of the movie. The CD is a recreation of the score done by the Moscow Symphony Choir & Orchestra. Lest you think what do they know about American Westerns , Dimitri Tiomkin was a Russian immigrant.The score Restoration was done by John Morgan who had access to the original orchestrations by Tiomkin's long-time associates. They also had most of the vocal arrangements by Tiomkin's choral director, Jester Hairston.The also make careful comparisons to the film's soundtrack and surviving acetates of the music alone.The sound on the CD is rich and full and in comparing the movie to the CD they got it right.It's is one of Dimitri Tiomkin's best.If you want a copy go to