Friday, March 27, 2009

Ernie Kent in Limbo

Bob Clark of the Eugene Register Guard has a news story in Friday's paper on the lack of info on Ernie Kent's status as coach of the University of Oregon men's basketball team. Will he be fired or will he stay? Some quotes from the article:

What’s taking Oregon so long to decide the fate of men’s basketball coach Ernie Kent?

“We need to do something in the next week, I’d hope,” UO director of athletics Pat Kilkenny said Thursday. “We’re still kind of gathering some information.”

While Kilkenny and Kent have both been in their offices at the Casanova Center this week, Kilkenny said they haven’t had the extended meeting that is planned before a final decision is made.********

The obvious question for him is whether he feels there should be more of a sense of urgency to reaching a conclusion on his status? As this process drags out, now more than two weeks past the end of the season, it’s leading to increased and widespread speculation about what’s going to happen. Can that be good for the coach, or the university?

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It doesn't sound good for Ernie. Stay tuned