Friday, March 20, 2009

Bob Dylan's London Trip Drawing

Sony Music Entertainment through, as a promotion for Bob Dylan's new album,"Together Through Life," is offering a chance to win a trip for two to see Bob Dylan sing at the Roadhouse in London on April 26. The winner and a guest will receive two round trip airline tickets, three nights' hotel accommodation, and two tickets to see the show. I entered the drawing today and asked my wife if she would go with me to the concert if I won. She dislikes Bob Dylan and even a trip back to London could not tempt her to go to a live Dylan concert. So I told her if I won I would take our son if he wanted to go. I would give him first choice as he has never been to England. If he didn't want to go then I would give the second choice to his sister who has been to England. However, she has been to a live Dylan concert and left before it was over.Of course, if I won, and I do feel lucky, there would be two requirements. First, whoever accompanied me on the trip would have to agree for the rest of my life to never complain if I play Dylan music in their presence. Second, they would have to agree to keep my Dylan collection together after I am gone. (tongue firmly in cheek...... unless I win!))