Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John McCain .....Duty First !

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UPDATE: John McCain orders that all of his TV ads be pulled off the air! He is serious about this!

UPDATE 2: Obama puts politics and first will continue to campaign while McCain brokers a deal to save the economy. Reminds me of when John McCain put duty first and supported the surge in Iraq when very few people though it would succeed. As McCain said at the time he would rather lose an election than to lose the war in Iraq.Time for Obama to return to the United States Senate and do the job he is paid for and I don't mean just voting "present".

UPDATE: 3 Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid of the U.S. Senate playing politics with financial crisis?

Jonathan Martin of the Politico reports:

The Senate Majority Leader is urging McCain to stay away from Washington.

But, as Republicans note, he had a very different message yesterday.

“So we need, now, the Republicans to start producing some votes for us," Reid said at a press conference. "We need the Republican nominee for president to let us know where he stands on what we should do.”

Seems like he's about to get just that.