Saturday, September 20, 2008

Southern Oregon Duck Fans Luck Out ?

I just got back to Medford from the game and it could be said that most Southern Oregon Duck fans who couldn't go to the game lucked out that they did not have to watch on TV the first three quarters of the Oregon football game with Boise State in Eugene. For three quarters the Ducks were outplayed by a team that wanted it more and the Oregon coaches were out coached by the Boise State staff. Fans in Southern Oregon missed the game because the Oregon Sports Network is not broadcast in most of Southern Oregon for the reasons well documented on this blog. The Ducks at the end of three quarters trailed Boise State 37 to 13 in what appeared to be a pathetic disaster. Just as the 3rd quarter was ending the Oregon coaches decided to burn the red shirt year for true freshman QB Darron Thomas. He came into the game and led Oregon on a great comeback that fell just short at 37 to 32. He was fun to watch and those Southern Oregon fans, at least who were at the game, may have seen the future for the Ducks. Let's Go Ducks..... beat Washington State.