Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Congressman Wadlen: Bailout Bill Courage

Everyday our adult children make their mother and I proud of them. However, once in a while they so something that stands out. In the face of our present economic crisis our son has been outspoken in his support for the "bail out" to avert economic meltdown. Yesterday he posted on his blog a copy of an email he sent to our Congressman Greg Walden of Oregon's 2nd Congressional District that includes Medford and most of central and eastern Oregon. He posted this after the House of Representative narrowly voted down the bill with many of our fellow conservative Republicans voting against it. While many were panicking over the bills failure our son took time to thank some one who had cast a vote that took courage. The post is as follows:

I know all the congressional offices are being bombarded with messages
about this latest bailout bill. I know the vast majority are negative on the issue. My congressman, Gregg Walden voted for the bill. I knew better than to call his office and clog up more of his phone lines, so I sent the following e-mail message to his office:

Thank you for your courage
I know your office has probably received much criticism for this latest bailout measure. There are very likely some legitimate complaints about certain aspects of the bill. However, the necessity of the bill mitigates all those concerns. I want to extent my gratitude to Congressman Walden for his support of this bill in the face of such popular reaction. His integrity and courage to vote for this bill will only deepen my enthusiasm for his reelection in November. Best Regards,

I am proud of both my son and Congressman Walden who stood up in a time of cyrises.