Friday, September 19, 2008

College Fooball Weekend

Enough of politics, unless there is a breaking story,the college Football weekend is before us. My University of Oregon Ducks are hosting the Boise State Broncos in Eugene on Saturday for a 12:30PM kickoff. I will be there! After the Pac-10 laid an egg last weekend and the Ducks had to win in double overtime against Purdue this is an important game for the Ducks.Our starting QB is out for at least a week so we will have rotate QBs .... A JC transfer... a good one..... and also a true Freshman. Boise State has had this game on their calender for the last year as a game to showcase their team and they are a dangerous team as Oklahoma found out year before last in the Fiesta Bowl. They run a lot of trick plays and their head coach is a former Duck Coach who would dearly love to win this game. In addition, his defensive coordinator is a former duck player.They are a well coached team. The Duck had better be ready and I know the fans of both teams are looking forward to this game. Unfortunately it will not be on TV in most of Southern Oregon because of the Comcast vs Charter dispute well documented on this blog. I feel sorry for the Duck fans in Southern Oregon who can not be at the game. The weather should be perfect for a football game , partly cloudy with a high about 70 degrees. It will be good to take a brake from the economic and political news of the week and enjoy the game. I love college football and all the hoopla that goes with it. When you get to be my age you realize that there will be a time when the game will go on without me and you lean to enjoy each moment. Lets go Ducks!