Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bob Dylan Live 1964

What a wonderful trip back to the folk era of the early 1960's. Yesterday before the Oregon game with Washington State on TV I drove over to Ashland to purchased this double CD set issued in 2004 based up tapes of the 1964 concert 40 years before.The concert was On October 31 (Halloween)at Philharmonic Hall in New York City. As the booklet that accompanies the CD states:
"On Halloween night, 1964, a twenty three year old Bob Dylan spellbound an adoring audience in Philharmonic Hall in New York.... Many of the songs, although less than two years old were so familiar that the crowd knew every word. ....Dylan played his heart out...."

This was before Dylan went electronic and it was just Dylan and his guitar and harmonica. If you want to see what it was like to be excited about folk music in the 1960's this is the album to buy. John Baez appeared at the concert and sings four songs with Bob. The entire concert is on this on this Album. I am generally not a fan of Dylan's "live albums" because he tends to never sing his songs like they are on his studio albums .In this case with one exception they are often improved.