Monday, September 29, 2008

Obama's Debate Gaffe:"I have a bracelet too..."

I have a bracelet too, from Sergent...uh...uh..."

In 1992 George Bush made a memorable gaffe when he checked his watch in the middle of the debate. It made it appear that he was impatient speaking to the American people.

In this instance the candidates show the bracelets in remembrance of a soldier, symbolizing just how much they care. Except when Obama mentioned his bracelet he forgot the name of the soldier that he's sought to honor for the past year, and had to look at it to remember the name. The importance of this is it shows Obama wearing the bracelet is more for show than true honoring of this soldier. Obama is big on symbolism but weak on substance. Do we really know where he stands on the issues and what he will really do if President?(Click on the title for a link to the video of the gaffe)