Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ken Burns: "The War"

Tonight I finished watching, on PBS, the final installment of Ken Burns "The War." In all, I have watched over 14 hours in the last week and a half. I just wish every American would watch this documentary.I have watched just about every documentary there is on world War II and this was clearly the best at showing the war from an American perspective. I have ordered it on DVD. I am sure to watch it again and maybe someday a grand child or a great grandchild, I will never know, will find it among his or her father or mother's belongings and will play it on a "retro" DVD player and understand that there is evil in this world and some wars are necessary. As one of the veterans said in tonights episode there will always be evil in this world and there will always be war. We may wish it to be otherwise but I am no longer an optimist on this subject. I am however, proud to be an American and glad America was able to free a major portion of the world and only ask for a little ground to bury our dead.