Sunday, October 07, 2007

Oregon Ducks # 8 !!!!

The University of Oregon Duck football team had a bye yesterday but rose in the polls today because of losses by teams ahead of them. The Ducks are # 8 in the USA Today/ Coaches Poll and # 9 in the AP Poll. The other Pac-10 rankings are as follows:

USA Today Coaches Poll, and AP Poll rankings

2/2 - Cal
7/10 - U$C
8/9 - Oregon
13/14 - ASU

Rising to 8th from 13th last week in the coaches poll, the Ducks passed these teams which lost:
5. Wisconsin
7. Florida
8. Kentucky
11. Georgia
12. W. Virginia

Now we just need to beat the Washington State Cougars next Saturday in Eugene. Yesterdays big upset loss by U$C in the Coliseum to Stanford is a lesson for everyone. Let's Go Ducks!