Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Al McIntosh.... "Staunch Republican"

Yes, that Al McIntosh. In Ken Burns documentary on World War II, "The War" he often has the actor Tom Hanks read quotes from newspaper columns written by Al McIntosh a small town newspaper editor from Laverne Minnesota. Ken Burns calls McIntosh the “one-man Greek chorus of the film.....His discovery just meant the most to us,” Burns told The Associated Press. “There's just something about his sense and understanding that came from this amazing perspective on the war. He's still alive in these writings.”

Well McIntosh continued to write his columns after World War II and according to the Associated Press "In 1964, McIntosh - a staunch Republican, residents remember - gained a measure of fame with “A Tired American Gets Angry,” a column lamenting the rise of the '60s counterculture at home and anti-Americanism abroad. It gained wide circulation,"

I have tried to find this column "on-line" but have been unable to find it. I hope someone who has access to it will publish it "on-line" or send me an email copy of it.

I am sure will be "coming after him" soon now that they have smeared General Petraeus, O'Rilley and Rush!