Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oregon Ducks vs U$C

The eyes of the college football world will be on Eugene Oregon this Saturday when the # 8 U$C Trojans come to town to play the #5 University of Oregon Ducks at Autzen Stadium. This will be the first time two top 10 teams have played each other in Eugene. A Duck fan I know who can't make the game sold his two U$C tickets for over $1000.00 each on eBay. Oregon has not won a Rose Bowl game in my life time, has never had a Heisman Trophy winner and has never played for the Nation Championship in football. There is talk that if the Ducks beat U$C and if Arizona State beats Cal, EPSN Game Day will make a SECOND trip to Eugene this season. The Ducks, 7 games into this season, have it within their power to go to the Rose Bowl, and or the National Championship Game. However all the above will evaporate into thin air if the Ducks lose to U$C on Saturday. Autzen Stadium will be packed on Saturday with 55,000 plus Duck fans who will yell their hearts out in the noisiest stadium in the United State. I will be there. This is the kind of game players and fans dream of. A day for Warriors! Oregon expects every player and every fan to do his duty on Saturday.It will be hard to sleep Friday night!

One game at a time and the season starts Saturday. Win the Day! Let's go Ducks!