Friday, October 26, 2007

Oregon Ducks vs U$C Part IV ( The night before)

I know it is only a game but until Sunday serious subjects such as Iraq, Iran, The War against Islamic Fascism and the Stop Hilary Movement will have to take a back seat on my attention.

I am ready! The car has a full tank of gas, is packed, and is "Ducked Out"! I have my tickets, binos and mini radio in the car. My Time Life "Flower Power" CD compilation of 1960's music is ready for the three hour trip to Eugene up I-5. I have ironed my pants and have my Duck gear ready. My duck coffee mug is next to the microwave oven in the kitchen. I am now biding my time listening to the South Medford vs Roseburg game from Roseburg on the radio. My Internet Duck group is very quiet tonight. Too quiet! Some one suggested Duck fans are praying. The Oregon vs U$C game starts at 12 noon PDT so I will need to leave Medford at 7:30 AM. I will try and get some sleep if I can. LET'S GO DUCKS!