Wednesday, October 03, 2007

NBC's Friday Night Lights

There are only two prime time TV series's I watch on a regular basis. "House MD" on FOX and "Friday Night Lights" on NBC. The TV series "Friday Night Lights" is based upon the book and movie of the same names about high school football in Texas.The book was very good. In some ways the series is as good or better than the movie. The show started last season and I was hooked. This year the series has been moved to Friday nights! Now what do people who like TV shows about high school football like to do on Friday nights in the fall? YES, they like to go to REAL high school football games. So , this Friday when the show has it's season premier I will be at the South Medford Panther game against Eugene's Sheldon Irish here in Medford at Speigelberg Stadium. For the genius schedulers at NBC it's good thing we have a VCR.... but then again not good for their advertisers as we will edit out the commercials. What were they thinking?