Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I don't agree with every thing Rush Limbaugh says but it appears that moveon.org and their allies in the Democratic party are trying to smear Rush to silence him. The following is a resolution introduced yesterday by Congressman Kingston on the floor of the US. House of Representatives

Honoring all Americans serving in the Armed Forces of the United States and commending broadcaster Rush Limbaugh for his relentless efforts to build and maintain troop morale through worldwide radio broadcasts and personal visits to conflict regions.

Whereas the need to show support for American troops serving and fighting both here and abroad during a time of global conflict has never been greater, with the need to communicate an uplifting message of encouragement to American soldiers eternally important, in addition to the morale-boosting value of personal visits to combat region by highly-regarded individuals;

Whereas every American, to include service men and women and broadcasters, is entitled to free speech and the free exchange of ideas; Whereas daily radio broadcasts reaching tens of millions of civilians and soldiers both in America and abroad by way of the Armed Forces Radio Network are conducted five days a week by Rush Hudson Limbaugh III;

Whereas Mr. Limbaugh has consistently used his broadcast time to praise American troops and support them during their ongoing efforts to secure peace in a troubled world;

Whereas Mr. Limbaugh has met with troops in Afghanistan; raised and donated millions of dollars to the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation, which provides college scholarships to the children of Marines and veterans of other branches killed in action; features an “Adopt a Soldier” program which provides them with free subscription access to his online program features; and Whereas Mr. Limbaugh’s commitment to American troops serving both here and abroad remains as strong as ever: Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the House of Representatives, Section 1. The House of Representatives makes the following findings:

(1) Americans serving in the United States Armed Forces have volunteered for such service and have not been drafted for that purpose.

(2) Those who serve in the Armed Forces deserve the respect of all Americans for their willingness to undertake that service

(3) Those who serve in the Armed Forces do not relinquish their constitutional right to express their opinions regarding public policy in a manner consistent with good order and discipline.

Sec. 2. House of Representatives—

(1) recognizes the service of all members of the Armed Forces serving in good standing and with honor to defend the United States, and the personal sacrifices made by them and their families;

(2) commits to judge the merits of the opinions of members of the Armed Forces regarding the policies of the United States, including those related to military actions in Iraq, without prejudice or personal bias;

(3) commends Mr. Limbaugh’s desire to see American troops achieve a successful outcome in Iraq, Afghanistan and wherever soldiers are stationed and his tireless public support for American troops and their families through radio broadcasts, fundraising and other public support;

(4) honors all members of the Armed Forces and civilian personnel serving in harm’s way, as well as their families; and

(5) pledges to debate any supplemental funding request or any policy decisions regarding the war in Iraq with the solemn respect and the commitment to integrity that the sacrifices of these members of the Armed Forces and civilian personnel deserve.

Bill O'Reilly one of Limbaugh's competitors comes to Ruch's Defence:
Last week, The Factor told you about the way Media Matters takes quotes out of context to smear commentators who disagree with their liberal viewpoint. This week, they're targeting radio host Rush Limbaugh. Brian Maloney, who runs the blog Radio Equalizer, has been on top of this story from the beginning: "This entire situation is completely outrageous. You've already been targeted by these people. When they couldn't get rid of you last week they quickly switched gears and moved into Rush Limbaugh's territory. Now this is an ongoing campaign to destroy talk radio - to destroy anyone who disagrees with them." The Factor, noting that Senate majority leader Harry Reid had criticized Limbaugh, said that "now in this country we have far left media assassins on the internet who know they can get their propaganda -- their hateful defamation -- into not only the media, but on the Senate floor." Maloney pointed out that not everyone in congress is buying the Media Matters spin: "Republicans are hopefully going to be introducing their own resolution... commending Rush Limbaugh for his support for American troops, telling the truth. Rush Limbaugh has never been against the troops."