Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fall, 2007

Yesterday we had our weekly Southern Oregon Duck Club luncheon at the Rogue Valley Country Club and I was able to buy some "Club Seats" at Autzen for Saturdays football game against Washington State from another member.. I then sold my regular seats to a member from Grants Pass.

Last night we had a storm and we lost electricity for about an 15 minutes. Lots of wind and now a lot of leaves all over on lawn and driveway. We are starting to get "fall Foliage" here in Southern Oregon.

After we got the electricity back I watched a replay of the Republican debate on MSNBC. Chris Mathews was able to contain himself for most of the debate but just couldn't resist attempting to make the debate about himself. I though Giuliani and Romney did well and Thompson did what was necessary to debate another day. I do like Giuliani and Romney. If I had a troubled company Romney is the guy I would hire to straighten things out. He is knowledgeable and a very competent manager. Giuliani is a leader and if I was in an alley fight I would want him covering my back. So do we go with Romney to straighten out our troubled country or do we go with Giuliani who will cover our back in the war against Islamic Fascist? While watching the debate I received a telephone call from a fund raiser for Oregon's Senator Gordon Smith. I told him I was very upset with Senator Smith for his lack of support for President Bush on the war in Iraq and while I would "hold my nose" and vote for him I will not give him any money. They guy said Senator Smith supported the war on terrorism and I said Iraq is where the war is being fought and he wants to "cut and run"!