Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What Oabama knew and when did he Know it!

Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics has an excellent article on why Obama disinvited his minister, the Reverend Wright, from officiating at his Presidential announcement in Illinois. But, why has it taken him so long to denounce him? Obama knew the guy was a "nut case" who hates America and is a racist demagogue but chose to look the other way! The following is from the Bevan article

"We now know from Obama's answer at the last debate that he had seen Rev. Wright's remarks in Rolling Stone in Feburary of 2007 and deemed them to be enough of a problem to deep six the Reverend from speaking at his announcement. At the same time, Obama is now characterizing those remarks as "not of the sort that we saw that offended so many Americans." Go read the quote from the Rolling Stone article again. I doubt most Americans would agree, which only lends itself to the notion that Obama hasn't been fully forthcoming about what he knew about his pastor's incendiary language and when he knew it."