Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All Eyes on Small Towns of Pennsylvania

145 years ago the eyes of the nation were on ONE small town in Pennsylvania awaiting the results of a titanic battle of the American Civil War at Gettysburg.. Today, the nation has it's eyes on ALL the small towns ( and large) of Pennsylvania awaiting the results of a different kind of titanic battle. The telegraph of 1863 has been replaced by the Internet of 2008. However, waiting for the results hasn't changed. Will the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary be the "high tide" of the Obama Campaign or will a defeat of Hillery Clinton bring about the end of the contest for the Democrat Nomination for President of the United States? Is Bill Clinton, Hillary's Jeb Stewart or is Governor Rendell her Joshua Chamberlain? If, Hillary doesn't win or win big enough will she be finished or will she be able to limp off to North Carlina and Indiana for their primaries on May 6. Hillary is already short on cash provisions and her troops are tired of the long contest and she needs a big win in Pennsylvania today to boost morale and give her a chance with the Super Delegates. Will she be able to go on to the Democrat Convention in Denver this summer? Will Denver be her Appomattox? Polls in Pennsylvania close at 5pm PDT and 8pm EDT.