Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trip to Oregon Spring Game

It was a perfect day for a spring game. My wife woke up with a sore throat so we decided she should stay home and get some rest. I left the house about 9 am and picked up a new Simon & Garfunkel CD at Fred Meyer on my way out of town .... "The Best of Simon & Garfunkel" a one disc set with 20 of their best hits to play on the trip to Eugene. To pass time on the three hour trip to Eugene I decided to play the new CD after which I played in order their 5 studio albums together in the order they were released. More on that above. I stopped at the 7 Feathers Travel Store in Canyonville and got to Eugene about 12 noon. My wife had packed some sandwiches for me so I parked in the Autzen parking lot and enjoyed the day and the tail gate parties. One large RV had a sign "Last Tail Gate Party " a reference to the new parking rules at Autzen that go into effect next season. (see earlier post below). While in the parking lot I was listening to the NFL Draft on the radio. Oregon's Johnathan Stewart was picked 13th in the first round by the Carolina Panthers! Yes!
I then walked over to the "Duck Store" and ran into my friend from Medford, Bob. I did some looking at the "Duck Store" but didn't buy anything. Bob and I then went into the stadium and found seats in the big donor section just in front of the covered section. I met a nice couple from Portland who were as in to the Ducks as Bob and I. I had pre printed off the Duck team rosters both numerically and alphabetically as well as the roster's of the "White and Green" teams for the inter squad scrimmage. The weather was perfect and there was a good crowd o 14,000+. QB Justin Roper looked good like he did in the Duck's Sun Bowl Win over South Florida last New Years Eve Day. The cover of the "Ducks Illustrated" Spring Game issue had a joint picture of the 6 potential Duck QB's for next season. Nate Costa did not play due to his still recovering from his injury from last season. Freshman QB Chris Harper from Kansas looked like a young Dennis Dixon with bigger legs. He graduated from high school early so he could come to Oregon for spring practice. So while his high school class is preparing for the Senior Prom he was looking good for the Ducks. He needs some work but could be a great player. Cade Cooper a transfer from BYU and Cody Kempt from Beaverton looked just OK. Darron Thomas another high school kid who graduated early from Texas showed some potential.Running backs Andre Crenshaw and Renee Alston had some good runs. JC transfer LeGarrette Blount had some great runs and could be another Ruben Droungs. I love the Spring Game. After the game It took me about 45 minutes to get out of the parking lot and on I-5 South. A good reminder of why during the season I park on the campus side of the Willamette River and take the foot bride to the game. On the trip home I listened to some of the NFL Draft on the radio until I lost the signal just south of Cottage Grove and then finished the last two Simon & Garfunkel Studio CD albums. It was a nice trip home but I got a little tired. It is now four months till Oregon's first game with the hated Washington Huskies in Eugene on Saturday August 29th. Go Ducks!

PS as I type this I am listening to the NFL Draft on TV. I said to my wife "isn't it nice to listening to sports rather than politics?" and she replied I hate to say this but I think I prefer politics. Ha!