Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Appearance on Papa Joe Chevalier's Sports Radio Show

Several days ago I posted on this blog a rebuttal to an ESPN "Outside the Lines" TV program broadcast last Sunday. As I said the show was a "hit piece" about Phil Knight(picture above) and his status as a donor and patron to the University of Oregon. The producer of the Papa Joe Chevalier Sports Talk Radio Show, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, saw my post about the program on Phil Knight and sent me an email and invitation to appear on the show this afternoon. The show is syndicated nationally and is also broadcast on the Internet. After checking out "Papa Joe" and listening to several of his recorded programs I accepted the invitation. My main concern was to see if this was a talk show host that would allow his guest to speak without interruption. He seemed like a reasonable host and a conservative one too. I emailed my acceptance and was contacted by telephone by the show's producer. I emailed my kids that I was going to be on the radio show and sent them a link to where they could listened to the show online.Rich Galen who has a blog and appears on a number of TV talk shows has said in the past that the secret of doing well on these appearances is to be prepared. So I prepared my information on Phil Knight, Athletic Director Pat Kilkenny and other issues raised on the ESPN TV program and awaited the call. I listened to the first two and half hours of the show on the Internet awaiting my turn. I was called at about 5:25 PDT and the show was playing the Oregon Fight Song which got my adrenalin flowing. I was asked if it was appropriate for an Athletic Director to call a big donor like Phil Knight before a coach is hired or fired? I said it would be malpractice to NOT call such a donor. I pointed out that the University of Oregon Athletic Department was self sustaining and receives no state funds. I pointed out that Phil Knight has been very generous to the University of Oregon and has donated to both academics and athletics. I pointed out that he gave 100 million dollars to the Athletic Department so it could invest the money and in the future not be so dependant on donors or ticket sales. I said Phil Knight has only the University of Oregon's interest at stake. To listened to the entire show click on the title above for a link to the show's web site where you can find a link to a recording of today's show. As I said at the end of my appearance - Go Ducks!