Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Apology is not enough!..... Jay Rockefeller should resign from the Senate

This last weekend this is what Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia said about Senator John McCain who spent 51/2 years in a North Vietnamese prisoner of war camp and endured years of torture:

He’s a fighter pilot. He flies at 35,000 feet and drops laser-guided bombs, missiles. He was long gone when they hit. What happened down there, he doesn’t know. That’s unkind, because that’s fighting for your nation and that’s honorable. But you sort of have to care what goes on in the lives of people…. and he never gets into those subjects…

Senator Rockefeller today offered an apology but that is not enough to rectify this slur. He should resign from the United States Senate. Being the dumbest member of the Senate is no defense. I tell you the left hates the American Military.


This from James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal:

What was appalling about Rockefeller's comment was not the slight against McCain, but the underlying assumption that someone who serves his country in war is acting in an "insensitive" or ignoble way.

It's reminiscent of John Kerry--not the "war hero" of 2004, but the antiwar activist of 1971, who slandered his fellow veterans as war criminals. "We support the troops" has become a mantra of those who oppose their mission, but gaffes like Rockefeller's lead one to doubt that they really do.