Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oregonian Newspaper... there they go again!

The Oregonian Newspaper continued it's rearguard action against the University of Oregon's plan to build a new basketball arena with the help of Nike's Phil Knight.Columnist Steve Duin in his "Commentary" column today calls Phil Knight "a benevolent despot" He writes that the Oregon Legislature are "yellow Labs" for not apposing Knight. He says the University of Oregon has "on any and all questions about the arena suddenly adopted the code of secrecy worthy of the KGB." He ends his column by writing "And we're blessed. We're blessed he doesn't care to be king when we're eager to bend the knee." The column's heading is "The lord of all he surveys." The best that can be said it's in a commentary column and not masquerading as news such as in the "news" story written by Rachel Bachman last week. However the language is so intemperate as to be self defeating.

The Oregon Ducks are lucky to have a fan like Phil Knight who loves the Ducks. With out him we would be like..... well......The Oregon State Beavers!