Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What did Jesse Jackson say about Barak Obama?

Acording to CNN and Drudge :REV. JESSE JACKSON APOLOGIZES TO OBAMA FOR 'CRUDE AND HURTFUL COMMENTS' CAUGHT ON TAPE.. The conversation was caught on an open mike and will be played on FOX NEWS tonight on the Bill O'Reilly Show. Click on title for link to CNN's report on the story.

UPDATE: Drudge is reporting: Jesse said about Obama "cut his n**s out!" No comment from Obama.

UPDATE: Jesse Jackson JR just threw his dad under the bus, when he issued this statment about his father:Says Jackson JUNIOR in a statement: "I'm deeply outraged and disappointed in Reverend Jackson's reckless statements about Senator Barack Obama. His divisive and demeaning comments about the presumptive Democratic nominee -- and I believe the next president of the United States -- contradict his inspiring and courageous career. Instead of tearing others down, Barack Obama wants to build the country up and bring people together so that we can move forward, together -- as one nation. The remarks like those uttered on Fox by Revered Jackson do not advance the campaign's cause of building a more perfect Union." Quote from Jake Tapper's blog of ABC News

Concludes Rep. Jackson, Jr.: "Revered Jackson is my dad and I'll always love him. He should know how hard that I've worked for the last year and a half as a national co-chair of Barack Obama's presidential campaign. So, I thoroughly reject and repudiate his ugly rhetoric. He should keep hope alive and any personal attacks and insults to himself." (Quote from Jake Tapper's blog at ABC News)