Wednesday, July 30, 2008

McCain Should Pick Romney, And Soon !

Jay Cost of Real Clear Politics has an excellent analysis of why John McCain should pick Mitt Romney for his Vice Prescient. He writes in part:

slow and steady is a better strategy the earlier it begins. That's why I'd put Romney in place now, even if it results in a less momentous convention. I'd get Romney out there today, acting as an effective critic of Obama, offering editorial comment to all of the grand images we're bound to see between now and Denver, giving voice to the silent doubts voters still seem to have about the Democratic nominee. The idea here is that McCain cedes some of the boost he might otherwise get from his convention in return for laying the groundwork for a late-stage surge.

To read the rest of Jay Cost's column click on the title for a link. It is worth a read.

I like Mitt Romney and hope McCain picks him.