Saturday, July 05, 2008

Orbitz Review

NOT !.......One * out of 5*****. Our family has used Orbitz a number of times for airline tickets and motel/hotel reservations. However, based upon a recent experience they only deserve a very low rating because of poor customer service. My wife booked a trip on Orbitz to fly from Medford Oregon to Washington DC a few weeks ago on US Airlines. The Flight to Washington DC went fine. However the problem developed on the return flight The trip was only 5 days and my wife printed off the Orbitz itinerary the day before she left. When she got to the airport to return US Airways told her she was booked by Orbitz on a flight that did not exist. US Airways booked her on a return flight the next day but she was required to spend the night at a hotel and Orbitz has refused to reimburse her for the cost of the hotel. She started by calling Orbitz customer service and reached a "call Center" in India or some other place where it was difficult for her to understand the "English" that was spoken by the customer service representative. Orbitz after a long time finally said it was not their fault and transferred her call to US Airways who said it was not their fault. In total, between Orbitz and US Airways she was on the phone for about 45 minutes. She then sent a letter to each and in each reply they pointed the finger at the other. Mistakes do happen and it is sad when companies will not stand behind their service.Too often "Customer Service" is given low priority and is used to deflect complaints rather than correct mistakes. A good place to start is to not "out source" customer service.What's good about a free market economy is that there are other choices for consumers. A wise business will recognize this and will prosper. In the future, it may be a good idea to book tickets directly with the airlines or hotel reservations directly with the hotel so there can be no escaping responsibility.Lesson learned! To read about others who have experienced problems with Orbitz click on the title for a link.