Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Mamma Mia !"

Have you ever seen a poster for a movie or a play and instantly wanted to see that movie or play you knew nothing about other than the poster?

Four years ago this summer I was in New York City with our daughter for the Republican Convention and I saw the above poster on the marquee of a Broadway theater and thought to myself I want to see that musical play. Move ahead to last summer. My wife and I are with our daughter in London and the above poster is posted all along the long escalators ride that takes you down to the subway or "underground" as it is called England. The musical was playing at a West End theater. Every time we went down or up the escaltor I kept seeing that poster and I kept telling myself "I need to see that musical." I don't know what there was but I found it infectious. I still did not know anything about it. Well, we didn't have time to see it in London BUT they have now made a movie of it and it will open here in Medford at Tinseltown on Friday. They changed the poster for the movie! Not good! In the last few weeks at other movies I have attended I have seen previews for "Mamma Mia" and now know more about it than the poster.

According to the IMDB it's about 20 year old Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) who has a problem. It's almost her wedding day and she doesn't know who her father is. It could be any of 3 of her mother's (Meryl Streep) *past* suitors. The only way to find out is to invite all three to her wedding on a Greek Island and see what happens. The music in this musical are the hit songs of the popular '70s group ABBA. Two of her potential fathers are played by Pierce Brosnan ( of James Bond fame) and Colin Firth. For more information about the movie click on the title for a link to the IMDB page for the movie. I think I will have time this week-end to finally see what the poster is all about.

( New poster for the movie.... NOT AS GOOD !)