Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer of 08

We had a nice weekend in spite of the sad news of Tony Snow's death. Saturday we took our Son to Bella Union in Jacksonville for pizza as part of the celebration of his birthday. He and I then went to Ashland and attended the play Othello at the Ashland Shakespearean Festival. Before the play we walked over to Lithia Park and it was a hot but pleasant evening. On Sunday we all went to see the movie "Hancock" and were pleasantly surprised. I give it 3*** out of 5***. My wife and I went primarily because our Son wanted to go but we ended up both liking it. After the movie my wife's mother (His grandmother) and his uncle came over for some cake and ice cream. Today our son has a day off and has volunteered to work at the Republican booth at the Jackson County Fair which opens today. Medford has cooled off to the mid to low 90's just in time for the fair. Just think we have the Olympics and the Democratic and Republican Conventions to look forward to before summer is over. We also have tickets to see Judy Collins and Dar Williams at the Britt Festival in Jacksonville in August. I am looking forward to the new movie "Mamma Mia" based upon the Broadway Musical of the same name that opens later this month. At work my wife and I have been making our own sandwiches and eating our lunch in the park near our office. Summer is good!