Thursday, July 17, 2008

In the Tank for Obama!

Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post proves my point:

"The three network anchors will travel to Europe and the Middle East next week for Barack Obama's trip, adding their high-wattage spotlight to what is already shaping up as a major media extravaganza.

Lured by an offer of interviews with the Democratic presidential candidate, Brian Williams, Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric will make the overseas trek, meaning that the NBC, ABC and CBS evening newscasts will originate from stops along the route and undoubtedly give it big play.

John McCain has taken three foreign trips in the past four months, all unaccompanied by a single network anchor"

Jim Geraghty, a columnist for National Review Online:

Jim Geraghty, a columnist for National Review Online, said: "the networks will be acting as a PR wing for the Obama campaign if they treat any of these photo ops as truly newsworthy breakthroughs."

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Three blind mice.... three blind mice.....