Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A "washed up" politician speaks from his "wilderness years"

A disliked, washed up, politician who left office in disgrace and who writes historical books. A politician who is even distrusted within his own political party. No... not Winston Churchill in the 1930's, I am writing about former Speaker of the House,Newt Gingrich! In an interview with the Politico this week he said:

The U.S. is at greater risk of terrorist attack because of the Obama
administration's actions, Newt Gingrich said Monday.

In a chat with POLITICO readers, Gingrich also called the administration’s response to the North Korean missile launch a “vivid demonstration of weakness in foreign policy.” He said Obama’s proposals for a resumption of nuclear arms limitation talks reflected “a dangerous fantasy that runs an enormous risk. ... Not since Jimmy Carter have we had an administration this out of touch with reality.”

“Dick Cheney is clearly right in saying that between the court decisions about terrorists and the administration actions, the United States is running greater risks of getting attacked than we were under President Bush,” said the former speaker of the House and Georgia congressman.

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Will Newt ever be called back to power by his country in a time of crisis?