Friday, April 24, 2009

"Shaun Harris" Album (1973)

Shaun Harris is a friend of mine. I have known him for over 15 years. I first met him when our daughters were on the same soccer team.He and I have lunch from time to time and have even driven to Eugene together to watch Oregon Duck football games on several occasions. I have always know that Shaun was in the music business in Los Angels, as some point in his life, and has been awarded a number of "Gold Records" for albums he helped produce but I never thought of Shaun as a performer. In the last few months I have have taken a real interest in Folk and Rock music from my youth. I had lunch with Shaun last week and asked if I could listened to some of his albums. He was kind enough to let me barrow some of his albums and I was very impressed at his singing ability. I particularly liked the "Shaun Harris" album from 1973 (see Picture above ). The album has an introspective soft folk/rock sound reminiscent of the later Beach Boys. I played it for my wife and she liked it too. I then took it to the office and all of my co workers liked it as well. I highly recommend it. Your can buy it on and even listen to part of the songs. Click on the title for a link to the page. This is how describes the album.

Shaun Harris was bassist, singer and founding member of the groundbreaking hydra-headed beast that was The West Coast Pop-Art Experimental Band. While the WCPAEB have rightly become the stuff of legend, little attention has been paid to Shaun's subsequent recordings in the early '70s. Until now. Together with former WCPAEB band mate and general all-round musical genius Michael Lloyd, Shaun cut an album's worth of his own compositions for Capitol Records in 1973 featuring star turns from the likes of Beach Boy Bruce Johnston and the ubiquitous Jim Gordon and Larry Knetchel. The album also features Shaun's brother and WCPAEB lynchpin Danny and was orchestrated by their father, the world-renowned composer Roy Harris. Shaun's memorable, hook-laden songs (akin to the softer side of the WCPAEB oeuvre) are set beautifully against a backdrop of Burritos-flavored country rock and layers of warm Beach Boys vocal harmonies. Contains the classic single 'I'll Cry Out', a high watermark in Harris' esteemed back catalog.

To read more about Shaun go to and type in his name to access his full biography and discography.