Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Reconstruction and Restoration of the John Wayne Movie "The Alamo"

"THE ALAMO is the greatest picture I've ever seen. It will last forever, run forever, for all peoples, all families everywhere."

- Legendary Director, John Ford, 1960.

In 1960 John Wayne produced, directed and stared in this movie. It is his heartfelt statement on America and American ideals. He mortgaged everything he owned to make this movie and the actual original film is disintegrating as you read this. There is a major effort to restore the film including the 192 minute "Roadshow" version of the film which was latter cut down to 161 minutes for commercial reason. I have the 192 minute version on VHS but the only version released on DVD is the 161 minutes version which I also own. However,the film for BOTH versions are now turning into "vinegar" because the life of the original film is at an end. As a result there is a major effort going on to restore the film. To learn more click on the title for a link.

I love this movie!