Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sad day for Oregon Ducks

Long time University of Oregon Duck booster "Jeanne Hovercraft, 72, died on Tuesday, and a mass e-mail went out a few minutes later informing the boosters at the University of Oregon and her former co-workers at the American Cancer Society." Jeanne was always a fixture at Oregon games and she will be missed. Below is a picture of Jeanne from a fund raising event for the Ducks. Click on the title for a link to John Canzano's column about Jeanne in today's Oregonian. Jeanne became famous for taking her deceased husbands ashes to Oregon Bowl games and spreading the ashes on the football field. To quote Canzano:

Jeanne told me she'd placed Bob's ashes on the field at Autzen Stadium and the hardwood at Mac Court. During the postseason, she enlisted help from the sideline chain crew, the local media and school officials to help spread Bob, too. There was a Rose Bowl, a Cotton Bowl, a Las Vegas Bowl, a Fiesta Bowl, a couple of Holiday Bowls, and two Sun Bowls.

I can still see in my mind Jeanne waving that Oregon Duck Flag she would bring to Oregon football games.