Monday, April 27, 2009

"Growing up Buckley" by Christopher Buckley

Click on the title for a link to a long article, in the New York Times Magazine, written by Christopher Buckley about his parents who are now both dead. As a fan of William F Buckley I was both fascinated and appalled as I read the article. The article is an excerpt of a soon to be published book about his parents. He spills a lot of family secrets and I find it difficult to understand why he would tell the public such intimate details about his parents. For example, he describes how his father came to his college graduation and was bored after about 10 minutes and gathered up the family and friends and went out to dinner somewhere leaving Christopher alone after the ceremony. While he clearly loves his parents there is a "Mommy Dearest" quality to the article. Even for the sake of "history" or to sell a book why would you write such a book? Much better to have been a source for a book written by someone else who could write it with some perspective, and emotional distance. Will I read the book?.......YES. Apparently, at the urging of family he left out some "facts"..... he should have left out more!