Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer of 08

On Friday night I did my yard work in 100 degree temperature. On Saturday I had a seven hour job of washing our house windows inside and out. Because of the heat I started at about 9 am outside and got our upstairs bedroom window and then had the outside done by noon. We have a three story house and it takes a long pole and a ladder to get the top floor windows. I then took a short brake and then as temperatures hovered in the upper 90's I did the windows inside. About the time I finished and was putting the screens back on the windows the wind blew forest fire smoke from northern California into the Rogue Valley turning turning the air into a smoking hell. Visibility was limited and it appeared to be a hot foggy day from inside but once you walked outside your could smell the smoke and realize it was not fog. I had to do some birthday shopping and after I got home my wife and I spent the night watching a Netflix blu ray DVD copy of "Bullet" with Steve McQueen in our movie room. San Francisco looked great in blu ray! Sunday morning was spent with the Sunday Mail Tribune and telephone calls from our adult kids who where both traveling across the United States ( One by car and one by plane). The forest fire smoke still hung in the Rogue Valley. My wife and I then drove to Shady Cove up in the mountains so I could perform a wedding ceremony for a couple at the "River House" on the Rogue River. After the wedding we stopped at the "John Wayne Saloon" at the Two Pines Smokehouse in Shady Cove and had a nice lunch/dinner and watched the Olympics on their big screen TV while we ate. Love all the John Wayne memorabilia and statues at the saloon. They may have more than I do in our movie room! They have a couple of realistic John Wayne statues about three feet tall that I would love to own. They are very well done and capture his face and personality. My guess is they are very expensive.

There was some smoke in the mountains around Shady Cove but the smoke was still very heavy as we returned to the Rogue Valley. After dinner we stopped at Costco in Medford and fought the crowds and the smoke to pick up some things. I don't mind the heat but I do not like the smoke!