Tuesday, August 12, 2008

He's Going to Kentucky

It's 7 a.m. and our Son just left our house headed for Kentucky via North Dakota. He is going back to North Dakota to pick up his "stuff" he put in storage after he obtained his Masters Degree and will then go on to the University of Kentucky for the start of Fall term to work on his Phd in History. His mother and I will miss him! He has been home for the last two months working as a cashier at a local box store to earn some money to continue his education. It was nice to have him back home and we will miss him. This may very well be the last time he lives at home for any extended period. I will miss the long discussions we have had about politics, history and movies. At Kentucky he will be able to cheer on Rich Brooks and the Kentucky Wildcats football team. Of course that is the same Rich Brooks that took the Oregon Ducks to the Rose Bowl in 1994 when our son was in grade school. As I posted below he will meet his sister in Indiana next month for the Oregon vs Purdue football game. Have a safe trip Son.*

*The political views expressed on this blog are not necessary our Son's nor those of other members of my family!