Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Medford TV Station KDRV (Ch 12) on Duck Broadcasts

Updated on issue of Oregon Duck TV Broadcasts in Medford, Oregon. KDRV posted this letter on their website this morning:

By Renard Maiuri
August 6, 2008

Many Duck fans are understandably upset over the news last week that IMG Communications and Chambers Communications (parent company of KDRV and KDKF-TV) failed to reach an agreement to broadcast future Oregon football and basketball games, as well as the weekly coaches programs.

When Scott Chambers, President of our parent corporation, made the announcement late last week, a news release was sent to all media organaizations and was covered by our own news department.

However, some fans didn't understand the details that contributed to this unfortunate situation. So, let me try to explain.

IMG Communications owns all rights to U of O athletics as a result of a $67-million dollar, ten-year deal with the University. IMG's proposal eliminated the popular Coches show; plus put many restrictions on what we could produce; reduced the number of tickets allotted to our sponsors; plus, asked for a significant increase in "rights" fees.

IMG's proposal made it a business from which we no longer could make a profit. Unfortunately, IMG waited until the last minute to make their demands, even though a letter of intent was sent to them months ago.

Please know that Chambers Communications has been a longtime supporter of the University, both in the Journalism School where there exists an endowed department head Chair, along with considerable amounts of money donated to the school from the Chambers family.

This break in relations is most upsetting to our company and the Chambers family. IMG's proposal would have resulted in a significant loss of money to our company. While we like the Ducks and wish them well, we can't afford to carry their games at a loss. And I assure you, our negotiations were conducted in good faith and with integrity.

Renard N Maiuri
General Manager

We have Chambers Communications side of the story but Oregon Duck fans in Medford are still waiting to hear from the Athletic Department on where we fans in Southern Oregon will be able to watch the coaches shows, replays of games and OSN (Oregon Sports Network) broadcasts of football and basketball.