Friday, August 08, 2008

John Ford and our Son

For the last two night our son has been watching DVD movies from my box DVD set of "Ford at Fox" movies made by the movie director John Ford. He has watched two Will Rogers movies "Judge Priest" (1934)and "Steamboat Round the Bend (1935).In addition, he watched another Ford directed movie not part of the set 3 Godfathers (1948) with John Wayne. I find it interesting our 20 something son has developed an interest in John Ford who died long before he was born. When our children were younger I tried to share my interest, some might call it an obsession, with John Ford but with limited success. Now it is gratifying that our son, on his own, has become a student of this movie director. A few weeks ago we watched the blu ray DVD of "The Searchers"(1956) and we continued a debate, we have been caring on for over a year, on the true meaning of the movie and in particular whether the Jeffry Hunter character, Martin Pauley, is the son of the John Wayne character Ethan Edwards.Last night after I finished some house work I sat down and watched the last half of "Steamboat Round the Bend" with our son. He then on his own ran the movie again this time with a commentary track on by Ford biographer Scott Eyman. The commentary track gives a lot of infomation about John Ford and Will Rodgers. I have heard it before but still enjoyed listening to it again because of his insight into John Ford. Finally, at midnight I had to go to bed and so I left our son in our movie room watching the movie and went to bed a proud dad. After your children grow up there are limited opportunities to spend time with them and last night is one of those nights I will remember a long time.