Monday, May 05, 2008

Obama’s Friend, Bill Ayers Stomping on "Old Glory!"

Now we know why Barak Obama didn't want to wear Old Glory on his lapel ......he was afraid that his terrorist friend Bill Ayers would stomp on his chest. A 2001 photo of William Ayers, an associate of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, shows the former terrorist stepping on an American flag.

The photo was taken to promote Ayers’s book, “Fugitive Days” and published by Chicago Mag for their August 2001 issue.


From National Review online:

Hey, Wasn't Everybody Stepping on American Flags Back in 2001?
Marathon Pundit finds a photo of Obama's friend, donor, and former fellow board member Bill Ayers, stepping on an American flag.

Eh, it's a long time ago, right? It was the '60s. Every young person did things they regretted back then.

Oh, wait, this photo is from 2001... the same year Obama served together on the board of the Woods Fund and Obama accepted a $200 campaign contribution from him.