Friday, May 30, 2008

Duffin for the Ducks 2008

Working all day at the RVCC for the Ducks!

UPDATE: And a good time was had by all!

(Saturday morning the day after) On Friday I arrived at the Rogue Valley Country Club about 8:15 AM and met up with other volunteers and unloaded my car of the items needed for the silent and oral auctions. We moved it all up to the second floor of the club house to where the dinner auction would be held. We then set up for the golf tournament registration. "IowahawkDuck" and I each brought our 8 feet high blow up Oregon Ducks and set them up in the registration area. I had printed up an information flyer on the oral auction so I distributed them to the 30 or so golf carts that would be used that day so the golfers would be able to get an advanced look at what would be in the auction. I then put them on the tables for the golfers lunch on the RVCC's veranda. We sold the golfers "mulligans" while they registered. "Iowa" and I then had lunch and were joined by some of the golfers and Jim Bartko of the Oregon Duck Athletic Fund. After lunch we cleaned up the registration area as the golfers hit the course and moved the 8 foot blow up Ducks to the RVCC Ball Room. "Iowa" and I then spent a hard 3 1/2 hours setting up the Ball Room for the Dinner/Auction with most of the time setting up the silent auction of 67 items. I then drove by the office and picked up my wife and rushed home for a quick shower. My wife and I returned to the dinner about 5:00 PM and helped coordinate the ladies who handled dinner registration along with the folks who were helping me with the oral and silent auctions. Before we left the house we had a snack as we are always too busy to eat at the dinner. While the oral auction was being conducted we closed the silent auction in three stages and moved the silent auction items from the Ball Room to the cashier room and helped the ladies who had changed from working on the dinner registration to now working as cashiers for the auction. It was also my job to convey to the cashiers the results of the oral auction. After the oral auction was over I helped the cashiers deliver the oral and silent auction items to the winners. After the dinner we packed up all of our equipment and were out the door of the Rogue Valley Country Club about 9:30 pm. During the day I had met a lot of nice Duck fans and had some very good help from "Iowa," my wife, and a lot of other volunteers. We had a lot of people who worked on the Golf Tournament portion of the event led by "Dave S". Don't have the final figures but hopefully we raised some funds for the University of Oregon.

AS I said below this is the second year we have held this event without a staffer from the Duck Athletic Fund being stationed in Medford. Hopefully by next year they will have reopened their office in Medford. During the day a number of Duck fans came up and asked me when are we going to get some one back down here? Now that things have settled down in Eugene over the building of the Basketball arena maybe they can give some priority to this issue. I know that a good DAF representative in Southern Oregon/Northern California could develop some good friends for the Ducks. We volunteers in Southern Oregon have tired to pick up the slack but we are only performing a "holding" action. Who is the next Jim Bartko or Greg Byrne who will come to Southern Oregon and build on the foundation they left?

Regardless, we will be back for Duffin 2009! Let's Go Ducks!