Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama Resigns from his Church ! (UPDATE)

Reported on CNN and FOX NEWS.............. "How Convenient!" ......................It took him 20 years! "too little too late" "closing the barn door after the horse has escaped" First he threw his pastor under the bus now he is throwing his church of 20 years. Yes, How Convenient!

Jennifer Rubin of Commentary Magazines Blog:

Imagine if the roles were reversed and John McCain had attended a white separatist church for twenty years. Would his resignation after two decades cure the concern that he had lived some sort of weird double life, cavorting with racists but talking about equal opportunity in his public life? I would imagine he’d have been forced out of the presidential race by now.

So the question remains: was Obama the least observant church congegrant on the planet (racism and anti-Semitism at Trinity? No!) or a hypocrite? Let the voters decide.

Victor Davis Hanson at NRO online:

When the crowd rises to its feet to shout approval of a racist like Wright or Pfleiger it is not because of sudden public attention, but because they wish to hear such racist scape-goating that apparently serves as some sort of collective catharsis. And Obama apparently, despite his much praised "candor" about race, cannot or will not address why his own congregation and new minister would applaud a nut like Pfleiger. (Such an exegesis might really call for a landmark speech about race in a way in which Obama's past politically expedient attempt was not).