Saturday, May 03, 2008

Oregonion's "alleged" Expose on Phil Knight!

The Oregonian has now put online their four part story on Phil Knight, set for Sunday's edition . Click on the title for a link. Bottom line, Phil Knight loves the University of Oregon and is a very generous person and the University of Oregon is lucky to have him. The four parts of their "inside story" are titled as follows:

• Part 1: Phil Knight's influence transforms University of Oregon athletics

• Part 2: Statement from Phil Knight

• Part 3: Band out of step with Nike's offbeat uniforms

• Part 4: Knight's access to UO sports is a fan's dream

A link to the Register-Guard's exclusive interview with Phil Knight is posted above.

The Oregonian report is written by Rachel Bachman and Brent Hunsberger

Great quote by a poster over on eDuck

So I read the shocking expose' in the Oregonian. Absolutely nothing new. Basically Rachel just cut and pasted all her other articles into one. Well done Oregonian. Maybe I'm just stupid, but why does Rachel continue to mislead people about the architecture firms on this project? She wrote:

"With Slusher leading the way, NCP dismissed the university-selected architect. NCP selected lead firms -- Hoffman Construction Co. and TVA Architects Inc. -- that had never worked on an arena but had worked for Knight and Nike"

Oregon is also using Ellerbe Becket which has built some of the most known sports arenas/stadiums in the world. Maybe I missed it, but I don't think that name was mentioned once in her shocking expose'

To read more about the Architectural/Engineering firm, "Ellerbe Becket", type those words in "Search" above for my earlier post about the firm on April 16, 2008 where I wrote:
So I guess there is a firm with experience in arena projects associated with the new University of Oregon Arena project, but you had to really dig to find that out because that was contrary to Rachel Bachman's thesis and she buried it in her article and did not give all the facts that are readily available through a little research.. The arena will be built in spite of Rachel Bachman’s best efforts.