Friday, May 23, 2008

Duffin For The Ducks 2008

Next Friday, May 30th, The Oregon Club of Southern Oregon has their annual golf tournament and dinner auction at the Rogue Valley Country Club here in Medford, to raise money for University of Oregon Athletics. A bus from Eugene will bring down coaches, including head football coach Mile Belotti and administrators to golf with Southern Oregon Duck fans. While everyone is out golfing I and some other fans will set up for the silent auction that goes with the dinner and oral auction Friday night at the Country Club. This is the 23rd year we have had this event.For the first 21 years a paid staffer of the Duck Athletic Fund, stationed here in Medford, has helped us organize and run the event. However, the Duck Athletic Fund (DAF) moved their regional office and the paid staffer to central Oregon at Bend, We keep getting promises they will send another staffer to Southern Oregon and reopen the office but to date that has not happened. Therefore, for the last two years the event has been organized and run by a small group of volunteers here in Medford with long distance support from the DAF. It's always hard work to organize and and run a golf tournament and dinner auction but it's also a lot of fun and for a worthy cause. Go Ducks!