Tuesday, May 20, 2008

All Eyes on Kentucky and Oregon

Today Kentucky and Oregon will hold their presidential primaries between Hillary Clinton and Barka Obama. Hillery is expected to win in Kentucky and Obama in Oregon. I predict that Hilary will win by a bigger margin in Kentucky then Obama will will in Oregon. I also predict the mainstream media that is in love with Obama will ignore that fact and will again anoint Obama as the winner and will make further calls for Hillary to withdraw from the race.

Oregon has vote by mail which I hate. I miss going to the polling place on electron day and voting. I therefore refuse to vote by mail but this morning (election day) I filled in my ballot and will drop it by the Jackson County Election Department of the County Clerks' Office on my way home from work. It's interesting that Oregon and Kentucky have primaries on the same day this year because our family has close ties with Oregon and will soon in addition have lose ties with Kentucky.

On days like this it is embarrassing to be an Oregonian. When I saw that picture of 73,000 people in Portland that turned out for an Obama rally I am reminded why I will never live in the Portland area. It's called "Beirut West" and a Republican can not travel to downtown Portland without setting off a riot. Yes, the liberals believe in "free speech" (sarcasm). Guess how many people turned out for an Obama rally in Kentucky...... "O"..... because he didn't have a rally. unfortunately the United States is becoming balkinized.