Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Oregonian’s Cold War On Knight Just Got Hot

Click on the title to a link to a good review of the Oregonian Newspaper's war on University of Oregon donor Phil Knight.

The Oregonian just keeps losing and they can't stand it. Their main campaign against Phil Knight and the University of Oregon is the building of the new basketball arena. However, despite their best efforts the duly elected representatives of the people of Oregon have decided otherwise . The financing of the arena with the sale of 200 million dollars in bond backed by Phil Knight's gift of a 100 million dollar endowment passed both the Democrat controlled Oregon House of Representative and the Democrat controlled Oregon Senate by wide margins. The authorization was then signed by Oregon's Democrat Governor. So despite their best efforts the largest most powerful newspapere in the state of Oregon was not able to stop the new basketball arena. They are just sore they lost!