Thursday, June 05, 2008

Two Wild and Crazy Guys!

Our son and I will be "batching" it for the next few days. At 5 am this morning I drove my wife to the Jackson County "International" Airport to catch a plane for Washington DC where she will be visiting our daughter for a long weekend. Our daughter who works and lives there is a member of a musical group in her spare time and will be performing at the Kennedy Center and my wife wanted to be there for the performance. They have a number of other activities planed and I hope they have a great time together. As proud as I am of our daughter, who works in government, it is hard when one of your kids lives on the other side of the United States. Therefore, its wonderful that her mother can make this trip.I will be "holding the fort" at work.

I am alone now, but not for long. Our Son is returning home for the summer this evening after earning his masters degree in history. He has been "on the road" for the last three days. He will work here in Medford before he goes back East to work on his PhD in History in the fall. When you live on the West Coast anything east of the Mississippi River is "back east". Then, both of our kids will be a long way from home so we will enjoy having him home for the Summer.

Thus, this weekend he and I will be "two wild and crazy guys". Ya, sure. To us "wild" is going out and getting a bucket of chicken from Colonel Sanders at KFC. My wife thinks it's too greasy so we don't have it very often. We may also get a pizza delivered one night and may make a trip to the new Arbys. Then, we might do something very crazy and go to a movie that starts after 8 pm and have a late night desert at an all night restaurant. We could go to an "art" movie in Ashland! We could go to the new Indiana Jones movie! At home we can play our music loud on the stereo. But, we will not be totally irresponsible because before she left my wife left me a list of thing I need to do like clean the cats litter box every other day.