Monday, June 09, 2008

Two Wild and Crazy Guys! Part II

As posted below our son and I have been "batching it" for the last few days because my wife has been visiting our daughter in Washington DC. Friday night we went by The Colonel and got a barrel of chicken. I must be getting old because it gave me heat burn.
We than spent much of Friday night and Saturday watching the 13 hour "Adams Chronicles" mini series on DVD. I had already watched once but our son, the history grad student, wanted to watch it and I enjoyed watching it again. On Saturday I cleaned up the house and went to Jacksonville and did some shopping.

On Sunday I became the proud owner of a Play Station 3 Blu Ray player. Ever since "Blu Ray" beat out "HD-DVD" in the high definition format wars I have been wanting a Blu Ray player to play Blu Ray movies. To complicate matters they keep updating the Blu Ray players from profile 1 to profile 1.1 to 2. The advantage of the Play Station 3 is that it is like a computer that you can update the software on the Internet so as they improve blu ray players it can stay up to date. It also is one of the least expensive blue ray players on the market and it has an excellent picture. For weeks I have been tempted to buy one and this week Wal-Mart had a special deal which is unusual for a Play Station 3. The deal was if you buy one this week Wal-Mart would give you a $100. gift Certificate.So we were able to get a remote and some Blu Ray movies ("The Patriot", "Black Hawk Down" "We were Soldiers" and the latest James bond movie "Casino Royale") We also found a game for our son, NCAA Football 2008. So early Sunday morning we headed to Wal-Mart and got it and the movies. It was like "old times" when our son was 10 and we were in search of a special football card for one of our favorite players. He was excited because he likes to play games and I was excited because of it's ability to play Blu Ray movies. We first went to the Medford Wal-Mart where we got the machine. We then went to the Eagle Point Super Wal-Mart because they had a larger selection of Blu Ray movies. From there we went to the Rogue Valley Mall in search of the game. They didn't have it and we found a used one at a Bear Creek Plaza game store. We then got a milk shake and a "take and bake" pizza and headed home victorious. We then had to set it up and update it's memory. It took our collective intelligence? to set it up and figure a way to down load updates from the Internet. We also had to figure where to put it as we also have a VHS player, sound system and regular DVD player connected to the high definition TV. Good thing our son was home because the had a "flash card" to download the updates off our Internet computer and then transfer the data to the Play Station 3 which is in another room from the computer. I then did some yard work while our son played his football game. Later after we had the pizza we tried out both Blu Ray movies and regular DVD movies (it plays both)and the picture was outstanding on both but better on the Ble Ray movies. I have the latest "Casino Royale" on both Blu Ray and regular DVD and we compared scenes and you could tell the difference! There was one scene in a large library in the English Parliament building where there are thousands of books on shelves that are two stories high. With Blu Ray you could see the individual books clearly defined. It was like some one cleaned my glasses and the colors were so vivid. We even watched the final chapters of the "Adams Chronicles" on the Blu Ray player and it was a very good picture for a 1970's TV show. Better than on my regular DVD player. We ended the day with a glass of wine and watched some of the large battle scenes from "The Patriot" and also did comparisons between my regular DVD of it and the Blu Ray DVD . Yes, two wild and crazy guys!